August 2, 2009

50 Candles!!!

In the spirit of all things Purple Rain, let's all blow out candles today (50 to be exact) for the Sex Shooter herself, Apollonia! You KNOW every man in their right mind had a poster of Apollonia up on their walls back in her heyday!  

A little more about Apollonia, born as Patricia Kotero... She played opposite His Badness (Prince, bien sur) in Purple Rain twenty five years ago, and later went on to form Apollonia 6... Sex Shooter, anyone? You know you still walk hard when it comes up on your iPod!

She was essentially a walking jealousy campaign- I mean, come on- how much hotter can one female get? Anyway, she held it down in a really amazing way...  We love to see any female create a long standing career, and most especially with so much style! So, team FF wishes a Very Happy 50th to her! It is truly a blessing to make it to the golden years in life! 

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