November 29, 2009

FunkyFanny's new gal on the scene...Feisty Fanny

Pssstttt...Hey, over here!
It's me, Feisty Fanny, the new kid on the block
Hey girl Hey!

A Brooklynite by default these days
This little Haitian girl will always claim Queens 'til I die

Even Akeem, the prince of Zamunda knew what was up with us gals
"Where in NY can one find a woman with grace, elegance, taste and culture?"
"A woman suitable for a king? Queens!" :-p

Gummi Bears, sunshine warming my skin, good belly laughs
Dancing until my eyeballs sweat and Sean Connery
These are a few of my favorite things

S-A-L-E is a 4-letter cuss word in my vocabulary
I just can't resist 'em
Much like a well placed F-bomb to emphasize a point!

Just for kicks I play the
"Quick, what song uses _(insert word here)_ as a part of its lyrics?" game
Usually in the middle of conversations
And depending on who's around
You may even get the accompanying choreography
ONLY if you're lucky!

I can't think of one thing that feels better than being draped
From head to toe
In authentic, one of a kind, perfect fitting vintage marvels...
Well, Obama in office for like EVER is a really close second
(Forever ever? FOREVER EVER!)

A lover of words, effortless style, laughter
Good music and great personalities
I want to make the world my playground
Forget your playlist, put your passport on shuffle...
Now that's what I call living!

Sending spunky, infectious energy and love,

Feisty Fanny

November 22, 2009

So High Society in the Married to The Mob lookbook!

Married to the Mob strikes again with their "So High Society" collection
and since accessories can be the highlight of any outfit,
we're pleased to have provided the icing on the cake with our
vintage contributions.

Vintage snake bracelet watch (sold)

Vintage draped chain belt (sold)

Vintage Cazal 955 Sunglasses ($325)

Much love to FavFanny RadioRose who styled "So High Society"

The amazing Brooke Nipar who photographed the collection

and big shouts to Married to the MOB
for showing FF luv

The "So High Society" collection is available at the MOB Shop

All FunkyFannys items featured in the MTTM Fall 09 collection can be purchased by contacting us at


November 20, 2009

HOW WE DOIN?!?!?!?!..A FunkyFanny's Field Trip experience..

Team FunkyFanny's ventured to the Hot Pink Leopard printed haven of the
"How u Doin" queen of TV, Wendy Williams

are the only words that could possibly express the level of enjoyment we had..

From the 9am dance battle to Wendy in her full fabulosity(MS.HONEY SERVED IT BTW!) to the passionfruit mimosa partaking after the show..

As you know..FF Field Trips are normally for large groups but unfortunately we were limited to a small number of tickets (Wendy's show is on FIRE right now)
so we grabbed some of our FavFanny's and did the damn thang!

Now before you go thinkin about all the reasons why it sucked that we couldn't bring along more of our FavFanny's(cuz it did) trust in these words..


In True FF style, our ladies came effortlessly fabulous and looked AMAZING!

Feast your eyes upon the experience!

I spy FunkyFanny's!!!WERRRRRRK!

FavFanny's Keisha and Nadine

Fav Fanny's Kerin Rose and Manushka



        Fav Fanny RadioRose gettin the ill patdown (HEY BIG JOHN!!)       

YES BABY!!!She brought the ill lace game!Que Linda!

Audience Danceoff!Yep at 9am..FAB-U-LOUS!!!
(Shyvonne and Manushka represented oh so well!)


Danceoff Runner up..She's 71,supersassy and KILLED IT!! LOVE HER!

FunkyFanny's Field trips are rumored to bring the Most Fun,Most Fab times and as usual we are

Thanks to all our Ladies for making it a HUGE success!
Thanks to The Wendy Williams show for showin us a good time!

For more of a peek inside our fun-a-palooza check out MissfitStyles video..
It's sheer perfection!

 Big Brooklyn Hugs..
Team FunkyFanny's

November 19, 2009

FunkyFanny's tip of the day..

Have you ever found a great Vintage piece that's missing buttons?

We have..and boy oh boy can it be a bummer!
Don't fret my dears..There's a simple solution for that.

Remove the existing buttons and add new ones or Vintage "new" ones

An old classic with a modern twist or an old classic with an old classic twist

Either way..It's a WIN!

Search your local fabric and arts and craft stores
They have loadsa ones too we bet..

Give Ebay and Etsy a peek too..

We've found some AMAZING choices there.

 So Go..Be one with the button universe and make that fab new find work for you!

Big "make it work" hugs

The Vintage Wondergirl

November 11, 2009

Speaking of GOLD MONEY...

a day late but never a dollar from the first installment of gold money..
a monthly spectaculooza of awesomeness.
it went down sumthin like this..

fly ladies and gents...bubbly sippin..booty poppin..
dance battle royale..funtimes had by all..WIN!

The HoneyDippers brought the house down and of course The FunkyFanny's represented to the fullest!

debauchery starts now.

gold moneyyyyyyyyyyy!
i spy funkyfanny's.

the honey rose and jasmine solano

annie of cubannie links

minx and linx by cubannie links.

ariane of discomakeupaire

oh you really wanna battle me son?

who gon check me boo?BWAHAHA!

take that take that!

oh snap!he served u mama!

she hit him wit the one two bodyroll and knocked his ass out!

and he bows out gracefully.fellas 0.ladies 1!

favfanny erica

foxyfanny and boo.

favfanny sapphi

favfanny's radhika and alex.

the end.

join us thursday november 12th for more bubbly sippin,booty poppin and awesomeness.

bigups to mindless photos for the memories.

November 10, 2009

I scream You scream We all scream 4 Ice Cream..

It just so happened to be an extraordinarily sunny afternoon when we found ourselves taking a quick break from prancing around in the vintage wonderland to
go on a quest..For one of the most delicious treats any girl could ask for on a sunny afternoon... ICE CREAM!!

We stumbled upon this hidden gem called The General Greene on Dekalb Ave in Brooklyn.

Here we met Liz..the ice cream goddess.

She was posted behind her tiny ice cream cart with her security bulldog Oliver

(He watches over the ice cream cuz ya never know when ice cream thieves could strike!)

She let us taste a sample before indulging in two scoops of our choice. Never in all the years of living on this green earth have I tasted ice cream that was so pure and smooth...I thought I had died and gone to ice cream heaven!!

Liz briefed us on why The G.G. is so unique. For starters they don't use eggs!!
This makes for a more powerful flavor..
It's definitely lighter on the palette and still leaves an impact on your taste buds.

(Liz served me up two scoops of vanilla coconut almond ice cream on a sugar waffle cone.)

We asked Liz about her favorite flavor,and it didn't take her long to choose..
"Brulot Chip!"

 Brulot chip is inspired by the famous New Orleans coffee. It's a dark roasted creole coffee thats spiked with brandy, spiced cinnamon, and orange peels chocked with delicious chocolate chips.

Such a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
We walked..chatted with Liz over ice cream..she showed us their supercute ice cream cone t-shirts and we
 pranced back to the vintage wonderland with happy hearts and tummies.

Oh by the way!!
Oliver the official ice cream security dog wants you to know that
even though the weather has changed you are more than welcome to come inside and enjoy their ice cream no matter the season and "WOOF" (his words not ours ;-)

Peace/Love/Free Hugs


GOLD MONEY part deux..

Back by popular demand..A monthly offering from The HoneyDipper's..

Join Team FunkyFanny's for some Champagne sippin,Booty poppin,and a multitude of other awesomeness!

Haiku 5-7-5 by FoxyFanny..Fall days

Fall to me means
Brisk days, leaves turning gold,
wearing my favorite vintage leather jacket wrapped in my beloved rose printed scarf,
and cozy days filled with hot chocolate.

A haiku to fall days

Dry leaves on the ground
Ponchos, jackets, coats and hats
The city breathes cold

Peace/Love/Free Hugs


November 3, 2009

FunkyFanny's tip of the day..

Invest in a great tailor.
You get the benefit of wearing a unique Vintage piece that fits you perfectly.

We all have different body types..Some bigger here others smaller there..
It's just the way it turn that "It doesn't fit me" frown upside down..There's hope!
A tailor can create the perfect silhouette for your body..and believe you me..
A good one is worth their weight in gold

So don't give up on that dress that's 2 sizes too big..
Customize it,Channel your inner Goddess,and STRUT Ms.Thang!

Big "make it work" hugs

The Vintage Wondergirl