January 29, 2010

Supermodels rock FF too!!

What an honor to have supermodel Sessilee Lopez rockin FunkyFanny's in the latest Trace magazine!

She graces the cover looking effortlessly beautiful and delivers
"dropdead gorgeous" and "down to earth adorable" in the feature..

This stunning Dominican beauty started her career in 2004 and has walked for top designers Oscar de la Renta,Marc Jacobs,Lanvin and more as well as the Victoria's Secret show..
She can be seen in major campaigns like Benetton and CkOne,as well as fashion editorials all over the world.

In 2008, she appeared in Vogue Italia's highly regarded "All Black Girls" issue and held 1 of the 4 cover positions alongside supermodels Naomi Campbell,Liya Kebede, and Jourdan Dunn.

Now that's what we call a SUPERmodel!

Vintage Gemstone Bodysuit
Vintage Ruffle Gloves
Vintage Fringed Dance Skirt

Thanks to the Trace Magazine Team and Fashion Market Editor Robyn Fernandes for turnin it out and for the love and support.

For all inquiries and Vintage desires please feel free to contact us at getit@funkyfannys.com

Big "Supermodel Catwalk" Hugs

The Vintage Wondergirl

You mean "THE" Donald Trump?!?

WOWZERS!What a wonder 2010 is becoming..
We've been working on a few things that we're Superexcited about and wanna share with our Fav Fanny's(Yep that's you!) ;-)

We just received back a load of FF Vintage goodies used for a Photoshoot with esteemed photographer extraordinaire,Fadil Berisha for The Miss Universe Organization

The shoot featured Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez,Miss USA Kristen Dalton,and Miss Teen USA Stormi Bree Henley

We're superexcited to see those gorgeous Ladies doing great things in the world with those titles and couldn't be more happy than to be in such good company.

We'll keep you posted when we get pics!

Big Hugs and Thanks to Alisha Crutchfield and the StyleWise team for the love.
These Ladies are doin Big things too so make sure to keep them on your radar!

Big "Smile and Pose" Hugs

The Vintage Wondergirl

January 20, 2010


Join us this Thursday Jan.21st for the latest edition of the Gold Money fun-a-palooza!

January 14, 2010

Our Fanny's stay kickin ass!!!

So glad to share some SUPEREXCITING news!!

Former Team FunkyFanny's member Anna Thompson has opened
a conceptual art gallery space!!YAYYYYYYY!!!

The Grand Opening is Fri Jan.15th..6:30 pm

The Project Gallery
10 E. Walnut St.

In true FF spirit,she couldn't find the right space for her work so she created it!!
Love that spunk!Get em girl!!

I'm superstoked and superproud
that she's following her dreams and wish her the absolute bestest luck in the universe!

And what adds to the excitement is that FavFanny DD Sargent
is a part of the first exhibition.

And if I know Anna like I know Anna..
It's just the beginning of groundbreaking yumminess for this supertalented lady..
After all, Anna did help create the most AMAZING mural in history at the Vintage Wonderland..
All while installing new light fixtures,puttin me on to Kings of Leon and being one of the awesomest people I've ever known :-)

You can find out about her new initiative here
and take a peek at more deliciousness here

Spread the word..Tell a friend..Tell a friend to tell that friend!

With pride and overwhelming glee,
The VIntage Wondergirl

Rest In Peace Sweet Teddy.

Another great music icon has passed on..
Teddy Pendergrass made music for lovers all over the world..Classic music..Soulful music..Grown folks music if you will.

 His legacy will live on in all of those beautiful expressions of love.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

In celebration of his legacy take a peek at a few Vintage classics.


Spreading love in your honor Teddy,
Team FunkyFanny's

January 13, 2010

Help however you can..

From our FavFanny's over at Styleaholics:

Today is a super sad day for the world.
As you all are quite aware,yesterday Haiti suffered from a devastating earthquake and several aftershocks that has left an estimated 3 million people in need of emergency aid (according to the Red Cross)

In response to this earth shattering event, I’m in the process of trying to pull together a clothing drive/fundraiser event to help.

Like most things in life–help is needed and no one can work alone.
I’m currently seeking the following resources to make this event a reality.

1. A NYC based venue-it can be a nightclub, lounge, private event space etc. It doesn’t have to be super big ideally a 100-300 capacity. This would be an after work event during the week of 1/25. *I’m also open to promoters who are interested in hosting this event at their ongoing weekly parties.*

2. Media Partners/Volunteer Publicists–Whether you’re a fashion blogger or not, I need your help in spreading the word. Ideally I see this as a way for the blogging community to unify and take action by doing something we do daily BLOGGING AND SPREADING FASHOINABLE GOODNESS.
Please note you don’t have to be a fashion blogger to join us!

3. Items to auction off. With style in mind, it would be great to have some goodies to do a silent auction on and have the money donated to a relief org.

4. Any celebrity, personality, model, designer who wants to partner up and donate their ‘name’ to the cause. It’s America and all the world loves celebrity:)

If you’re interested please contact me directly at najwa.moses@gmail.com/ please put in the subject line Fashion Bloggers For Haiti.

In the meantime here is a list of organizations and websites where you can donate RIGHT NOW!

Secretary of State Clinton has set up an aid line that people can use to send money to support Haiti relief similar to what was set up to support refugees in Pakistan earlier this year. (see Red Cross below)

US DEPARTMENT OF STATE..The State Department has set up a toll-free number to call for information about family members in Haiti: 1-888-407-4747..www.state.gov

YELE HAITI EARTHQUAKE FUND..www.yele.org..Text YELE to 501501 to donate $5 via your cell phone 
(Team FunkyFanny's has donated to YELE in support of Haiti's son Wyclef Jean)

AMERICAN RED CROSS..Text “HAITI” to “90999″ to make a $10 donation..2025 E Street, NW..Washington, DC 20006..(800) REDCROSS (800-257-7575)..www.redcross.org

 My prayers are with Haiti…..

Thank you Najwa for doing good in the hood..

Team FunkyFanny's will be taking the next few days to work towards developing relief efforts and will keep you posted on our efforts as they unfold.

Thanks in advance for your time and our thoughts and prayers are with our own FeistyFanny,her family,as well as all those affected by the devastation in Haiti and those who are still looking for loved ones..

Big Love to Haiti..

Team FunkyFanny's

January 12, 2010

I'm Just Sayin..

Some things need no explanations..
Just the facts ma'am..just the facts.

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Spring 2010 RTW offering.

 See more of the delightful collection here

thank u radiorose.

Feisty's Top 10 for 2010

We all fall victim to the craze
New Year...New Decade...New YOU, right?
Personally I just can't do another round
of setting an impossibly high bar with
a list of resolutions I won't even glance at by
Instead I'll just share what I call my
2010 Fanny Pact:

You know...
all the countries between North and South
That's a lot of ground to cover
195 sovereign nations to be exact
I better get to gettin'

Have you discovered the wonders of a waffle iron?
Oh me...Oh my
It will change your life!
I just saw an eggbeater in this week's circular

As the auntie to a pair of 2 year old
rambunctious wonder twins
I know they're bound to get tired of
that severed thumb thingy
This Black Magic Woman
is in need of more tricks up her sleeve...
and quick!

I MUST MUST MUST purge Le Closet!
Toss all the unwanteds
at the bottom of the Goodwill pile
and never look back
How else will I make room
for more yummilicious FF stunnas?
I should color outside the lines a lil'
Try some Oolong...
So many varietals
So many bags to steep!

No, not of the makeup variety
but with my fine ass hunk of loving
Wielding 13 glorious inches of pleasure...
My new MacBook Pro!

This year my Funky Fanny's vintage ensembles
will be so mouth watering...
so insane...
Forget people
The clothes themselves
will break out in applause damnit!

Less Tweets, texts, IMs
Emails and posts...
I will reach out and touch somebody
Pick up the phone
And dare I say it?
Have an honest to God conversation
Novel idea...I know

Check my pride at the door
and keep it moving
No room for ego
When you have dreams to follow

Enormous quantities of delicious vintage
and only at the heavenly Wonderland of
Funky Fanny's of course!

January 11, 2010

Our 1st COVER!!Hello 2010!!

FunkyFanny's teamed up with stylist Rose Garcia to accent the supercute swimwear of NYC based brand House of Jackie Brown for their feature in the latest issue of Australia's  Acclaim Magazine..
It's our 1st cover and we're hella excited!
(can ya tell?)
And if we might say so ourselves..
Our jacket and necklace look AMAZING alongside that teenyweeny bikini!
 Love it!

Can't wait to see the editorial!
Keep ya posted when we gets pics!

Shout outs to jewelry designer and collaborator of Minx and Links,Annie Basulto for the dope nails!

just because we luv u...

Muppets Tonight (featuring Prince)

Mike | MySpace Video

January 8, 2010

New Beginnings by FoxyFanny..

Starting a new year is grand!

  As I recap 2009..Team FunkyFanny’s had an amazingly jam-packed year.
I’m excited to share for all who missed out, and for those who participated..

Thank You for holding down the vintage world with us.

We started our new initiative: The Funky Fanny’s Field Trip  
with the Purple Rain Sing Along..Doing our part to support The Pink Tea Cup's crusade among others.

Hosting a series of festive ”Gold Money” affairs.

And of course dedicated our time to spreading Vintage love!
 With all that glory behind us, we look forward to a great Twenty Ten!

 Here are some things I’d like to accomplish in 2010:
For starters..This FoxyFanny will curb her tongue and not be so cantankerous with others.
 Making sure I shine my brightest light!
Hoping to discover the small wonders that the Vintage world has to offer.
Expanding my wisdom on Vintage history,learning the technique of collecting and parting with pieces in order to keep my collection fruitful. 

My biggest hope for this year is to be happy, share happiness, be around it all while spreading the word that FunkyFanny’s will rock your Vintage world…

Hope it’s been...
Peace/Love/and Free Hugs

January 2, 2010

A FF Field Trip experience..Holiday Edition..PINK TEA CUP

 Catfish..Fried Chicken..Grits..Collard Greens..Salmon Croquettes..
Bubbly..Vino..Sweet Tea..Lemonade
(I'm hungry just thinkin about it!)

The FunkyFanny's Field Trip has struck again!

This time at NYC's legendary Pink Tea Cup

 We've long been a supporter and lover of this Soul Food haven for its delicious food and historic tenure and unfortunately on Jan 3,2009 they're in jeopardy of closing..
So what better way to celebrate the Holidays than with our Fav Fanny's to join their crusade to stay open.

Of course in true FF form..WE SHUT IT DOWN!


and more!

Take a peek at our December Field Trip experience.


Thanks to all of our FavFanny's for coming out to celebrate!

Find out more info on how you can join the Save the Pink Tea crusade