January 14, 2010

Our Fanny's stay kickin ass!!!

So glad to share some SUPEREXCITING news!!

Former Team FunkyFanny's member Anna Thompson has opened
a conceptual art gallery space!!YAYYYYYYY!!!

The Grand Opening is Fri Jan.15th..6:30 pm

The Project Gallery
10 E. Walnut St.

In true FF spirit,she couldn't find the right space for her work so she created it!!
Love that spunk!Get em girl!!

I'm superstoked and superproud
that she's following her dreams and wish her the absolute bestest luck in the universe!

And what adds to the excitement is that FavFanny DD Sargent
is a part of the first exhibition.

And if I know Anna like I know Anna..
It's just the beginning of groundbreaking yumminess for this supertalented lady..
After all, Anna did help create the most AMAZING mural in history at the Vintage Wonderland..
All while installing new light fixtures,puttin me on to Kings of Leon and being one of the awesomest people I've ever known :-)

You can find out about her new initiative here
and take a peek at more deliciousness here

Spread the word..Tell a friend..Tell a friend to tell that friend!

With pride and overwhelming glee,
The VIntage Wondergirl

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