July 14, 2010

American High Style-Brooklyn Museum

American High Style is an exhibit going on at the Brooklyn Museum in conjunction with Polyvore, highlighting innovative designers from the past who made an impact on American fashion.
Last weekend I went on a solo Fanny mission to check it out!

Notebook...check! Pen...check! Camera...check! Stuffed my backpack and off I went.
It was Vintage paradise filled with garments, accessories, shoes, and even original sketches dating back to the 1800s. Oooh lala! Check out my favorites:

This elegant evening outfit is an early 70's creation by American designer Norman Norell. Capturing the essence of that period..It's billowy and glamorous!Aren't the beaded pants amazing?and the bow and poets sleeve!

Christian Dior (whom really needs no introduction) designed some of the beautiful footwear on display. I see oxfords and caged shoes were considered chic back then as well. How cool is that?

Dress to the left by Cristobal Balenciaga in 1945 and to the right also Christian Dior in 1952.

A 1960's blue bandeau dress by Hubert de Givenchy and a 1950's Yves Saint Laurent cocktail dress.. Both with bows that add girly charm galore!

A frilly Black number by none other than Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel in 1965. It felt very surreal standing in front of a piece designed by the legendary Chanel herself.

New York born designer Charles James made these lavish silk gowns during the 1950's. Known as America's first couturier, his work was largely recognized for it's elaborate construction and luxurious materials.

Puppies have to be fly too!

London based designer John Cavanagh is the master behind these three items made in the 1960's. He had a very successful run as a couturier for 10 years with his eponymous house 'John Cavanagh'.

Red bottoms on shoulder of the jumpsuit remind me of Christian Louboutins!

This exhibit is a must see, so run to the Brooklyn Museum before August first. If you love vintage you'll enjoy.
For more information on the exhibit click here.

Fanny mission complete!

xoxo Ferocious Fanny

July 8, 2010


 As if Summer 2010 could get ANY better!!
This Sunday, July 11th..
Say Word!!

Join Team Funky Fanny's for a Field Trip that's sure to be AHMAAZIN!

The Roots will headline the Celebrate Brooklyn! /OkayAfrica World Cup 2010 Finals party.

Gates open at 4pm..Show starts at 5pm..Early arrival is suggested as lines can be lonnnnng! :)

Look for the Orange & Pink balloons and we'll be there posted up with lawn space,snacks,and Funtimes guaranteed!!!

Picnicking is encouraged :)..so feel free to bring a snack, but please keep in mind that bottles,cans,and pets are not allowed.

All are welcome! We'll save lawn seating for all that RSVP to: ffrsvp@gmail.com

Come hang with Team FF for some Summer Funtimes!!
No Vintage just Dope Music & Stellar Company!! :)

We love Vintage and we LO-O-O-VE Summer Concerts too!

 Suggested Donation $3

Don't forget to RSVP to the above mentioned address so we know you're comin and we'll see ya there!!


Team Funky Fanny's

FF Field Trip: Sidewalk Catwalk Part 1!

Team Funky Fanny's took a Field Trip to strut down the Sidewalk Catwalk,
a public fashion event celebrating the NYC Fashion District.
We also enjoyed a nice lunch at Schnippers, famous for their comfort food!!
I'm talking jumbo burgers, golden french fries, and frothy milkshakes!!
Yum, Yum and Yummy!

We strolled down Broadway to the exhibit which featured over
30 different designers, adorning custom made Ralph Pucci mannequins (not related to designer Emilio Pucci), and each with their own unique twist and custom design.

Take a peek at some of the awesomeness Team FF encountered...

FYI: DO NOT touch the mannequins! Guards are on 24/hr patrol

FeistyFanny was just being...well you know FEISTY!!
Don't worry she kept her hands to herself...the entire time! haha

FIT students Christopher C. and Ariel P. made a contribution of their own...
paying homage to the Garment District that keeps our fashion world spinning!!
"Welcome to Fashion Ave"

Diane Von Furstenburg hand painted her mannequin with
her own rendition of the "cheetah print" by using a purple and black color-way.

and left an everlasting impression on me with the saying
"Love is Life...-Diane"

Whew!All that delicious fashion had us hungry for delicious LUNCH!
Pitstop at The Vintage Wondergirl's fav spot for DELISH Cookies n Cream Milkshakes!!

Bellies full and ready for more fashion pleaseeee!

Catherine Malandrino
went patriotic along with a few other designers who showed their love for
America by designing pieces inspired by the American Flag.

The Vintage Wondergirl and Foxy Fanny salute you too!

Carlos Falchi is known for using exotic skins on his famous handbags.
He covered his mannequin in snakeskin from HEAD to TOE
and little sayings like "Rock n Roll", "LOVE", and

"But I like it" inscribed on her skin!
This one has to be my favorite mannequin of them all because
it's fun, edgy, and artistically creative.

It wouldn't be classic Betsey Johnson if her mannequin didn't scream
Bright funky fun, flowers, and yumminess all around!!

Betsey's hot pink mannequin adorned with a platinum blonde wig, custom belt made for real flowers, and sharpie painted Gladiator sandals!
um WOW! Gotta Love her!!

"You get what you give"

Pictures of Betsey with her grandchildren!! XoXo

Our Team FF Field Trip was quite exciting! So much to see and take in....
Part 2 coming soon! Stay tuned!
Until then..
Go with some of your favorite ladies and see
"Sidewalk Catwalk" for yourselves!
There's plenty of tables and chairs for a nice afternoon lunch with the mannequins...haha

Peace/Love/Free Hugs

July 7, 2010

FunkyFanny's new gal on the scene...Flirty Fanny!

Well hello gals and dolls,

Introducing (drum roll please).... Flirty Fanny!

Flirty Fanny at your service!
Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.
I go to school in Los Angeles (but we all know nothing beats Brooklyn!)

I love sparkles, bright colors, funky shoes, and anything high-waisted.
Which I prefer to get from Vintage.
I like to mix and sprinkle fashion from the 40's, 60's, and 80's.

The classiness of the 40's plus the experimentation of the 60's
topped off with the bold brightness of the 80's are what I adore.

Something y'all should know right now:
I am a huge nerd and proud of it!

Reading, traveling, art. and elephants. These are what tickle my fancy.

My favorite timewaster, however, is music. You can barely see me
without my Ipod dancing in my own world. My music is a crazy mixture of
anything and everything you can think of, from bluegrass to hip hop!

Good people are what truly make me happy.

Forever yours,
With hugs and kisses,
Flirty Fanny