October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's that time of year again!

All the zombies are coming out tonight.

The towns people will be filled with fright.

But party with them don't be scared.

There's yummy candy and pretty costumes everywhere!

xoxo, Ferocious Fanny

October 13, 2010

FF goes down under!

Aussie Fanny's Stand up!!

Team FF is delighted to be featured in an editorial and limited edition cover of 
Australia's contemporary lifestyle publication, ACCLAIM.

Issue 21, The "Friends" issue uncovers the friendships at the core of everything
from art collectives to skate crews, business partners to frat houses,
a man's relationship with his automobile, and a store owner's relationship with their dog.

ACCLAIM gets to the bottom of what makes the partnerships tick
and what the spirit of collaboration and working with others brings to contemporary creative culture.
The shoot features real life buddies Ryan Keely and Justine Joli, and if we do say so ourselves they're lookin HAWT!!!

 Cover featuring not 1 but 2 FF Vintage Stars and Stripes bikinis

FF Vintage mesh football tee's

For the entire sexxxy story featuring photography by Ellen Stagg and styling by Rose Garcia,
ACCLAIM is available in selected Barnes and Nobles stores and Universal News in NYC!
What are ya waiting for? Run and cop that!

Much Love and Thanks to Rose,Ellen,Andrew and Alex at Acclaim.

For all ACCLAIM news and going-ons check them out here:


Big Brooklyn Hugs,
The Vintage Wondergirl

Fashion Term of the Day: Double Breasted

 Ever come across fashion related terms and not know what they mean?

Thanks to my inquisitive nature I always run to the dictionary, but some people just don't have the patience for all that.

So I am here to help, Ferocious Fanny to the rescue! I will be bringing you words and phrases that are used to describe different articles of clothing.

Today's term is Double Breasted.
Double Breasted is used to describe a style of Coat or Suit Jacket, even Blazers and Cardigans with two parallel rows of buttons on the front. It originated from jackets worn by Navy sailors in the early 1900's.

Throughout the 20th century, specifically 1930's to 1950's double breasted suit jackets were a staple in every man's wardrobe. Eventually women joined the bandwagon as well. Decades later from the 1980's to 1990's a double breasted revival was born.

This militant influenced outerwear isn't as popular as before, however it still remains a classic. Let's just say things have gotten way more casual over the years.

Next time you are out shopping and the tag says Double Breasted that's exactly what it means. We learn something new everyday don't we?

xoxo Ferocious Fanny

October 9, 2010

Prince Charles Supports Vintage?

Well what do we have here? Prince Charles seems to love Vintage clothing as much as we do woohoo!

In the September issue of British Vogue, he discusses his affinity for re-using old clothing and the importance of preserving our dear planet through fashion.

"Vintage clothes and upcycling are just the start because they save scarce resources and avoid waste. The great strength of the fashion world is that it knows how to make new ideas attractive and to do so rapidly and on a grand scale—something that is essential if collective action is to have a genuine impact on the problems we face. Fashion clearly makes people feel good, but now it has to do the world good, too, by contributing to the creation of a virtuous circle, with nature protected at the center."

Prince Charles, Princess Keisha Omilana.....seems like royalty all over the world appreciate Vintage goodness!

xoxo Ferocious Fanny

British Vogue