August 28, 2009

HELLZ to the yes!!

The minute we heard that Hellz Bellz launched their new "Style Warriors" collection, we were superexcited to see it..
We added a lil sprinkle of Vintage yumminess :-)

The line screams female empowerment with an Aztec warrior princess feel,a nice twist of fashion,and the resident bit of Hellz sass.

And boy ohhh boy.. this time they’ve added a whole new finesse to their rich and complex color story by adding colorways of black,navy blue,elephant grey,and pink.

The denim offers a stylized jean in indigo vintage (also in black) and an array of cute fashion forward tops, hoodies and tees to match anything you wear.

And if we might say so ourselves..our Vintage contributions were a nice added touch(wink)

Vintage Native Americana draped necklace ($56)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(I wanted to take a bite out of it too!!)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Vintage Ethnic Tribal cuff ($42)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Vintage Off White Suede Fringed Capelet ($78)

Big shouts to:

FavFanny, Rose Garcia ,who styled all the amazing looks for the fall lookbook.

The amazing, Brooke Nipar who photographed "Style Warriors"

FavFanny,Kerin Rose of accessories line A-morir

and last but not least,
Big Brooklyn hugs to Lanie and the Hellz-Bellz crew for showin FF luv.

It sure was a big ole ladyfest-a-palooza and we love every second of it!!

The new Hellz Bellz collection is available for purchase on their online store via

All FunkyFanny's items featured in the lookbook are available for purchase by contacting us at

Peace / Love / and Free Hugs


August 27, 2009

Haiku 5-7-5 by FoxyFanny

Team FunkyFannys welcomed this gal with open arms!!
Loving the positive-stay strong kind of energy...

The showroom just has oodles of yumminess!
What gal wouldn't love to work and try clothes at the same time.
It's tons of fun playing dress-up in the showroom.

So here's my ode to my lovely ladies and team FunkyFannys for keeping it vintage always.

Super high cuteness
You are the best vintage spot
With all the sweet finds!!

Peace, Love, and Free Hugs


August 17, 2009

Head Fanny in Charge... Shyvonne

We Love our Ladies!Seriously!

Not just because they rep FF all day everyday..but because they are the flyest,most talented,dopest ladies you'll ever meet..
And we love to brag about em and spread the word of their goodness.

So we've started a new initiative to do just that with
H.F.I.C..Head Fanny in Charge!

This month on deck is lovely songstress Shyvonne
Keep your eyes and ears open for this Shining Star!

At 12,she began singing in musical theater and went on to
sing backup for Estelle,Mickey Factz, Theophilus London, Candace Jones, Francis Coates Project, and Jade to name a few..

She's known for her powerful raspy voice,fly and colorful style, and everchanging hair color.
And she's right on track for taking over the music world.

We sat down with Shyvonne to find out what makes her tick..

1. Name/Age/City you Rep

My name is Shyvonne, I am 23 yrs old raised in Westchester, NY currently residing in Harlem World.

2. My hustle is…

MUSIC- I am a singer,songwriter with a story to tell.

3. What can we see you rocking on the daily?

Bright colors, a smile, my name plate, and some head phones.

4. What’s your fave FF piece in your closet?

Wow! I have so many favorites. I'd have to say....this teal and black embroidered dress I got from the event at Pillow last year. It fits perfectly, and hugs all the right places. Its probably older than me, but feels like it was made just for me!

5. My style is described as…

A mixture of alot of different things. It all depends on my mood, but overall I'd say funky, hip hop, a plethora of color with a rock edge.

6. What’s your favorite thing about wearing vintage?

Everything works in cycles especially fashion. I love the idea that even though it was worn its authentic, its been around, and now its my turn to rock it the Shyvonne way. I also love the detail, and care that is put into vintage clothing unlike a lot of the mass produced stuff today.

7. What’s a piece of advice that you’d give to other up and coming artists?

Do not lose sight of why you love your craft. With the internet, and all these new resources it's easy to get caught up in the hype of drama, blogs, tweeting etc and it can take away from your true focus. I think they are important marketing tools but you should be careful of how you put yourself out there and how quickly. After all it is the www, but people seem to forget that.

8. What would you be doing if you weren’t in your line of work?

I went to college for Public Relations/ Political Science. Previously, before I made music my full time gig, I worked in the PR field in Entertainment at companies such as Def Jam Enterprises, BET, Bad Boy, Q Models etc. If I wasn't doing music right now, I'd probably still be chained at a desk in entertainment feeling very unfulfilled without a microphone.

9. What’s the last concert you went to?

It may not count as a "real" concert. But I want to say when I went to see "Purple Rain" in Prospect Park with you guys. Yes, Prince wasn't there, but it really felt like we were "there" and it was great!! Besides that show, I've been hopping around to outdoor shows all summer.

10. What’s up next for you?Everything!!! I've been working very hard in all aspects in my life mental to physical in order to enhance my music and better my craft.

I'm at the point now where I'm starting to see the work pay off and its an amazing feeling.

My next show is 8/17 at Gramercy Theater at 8pm, Also my song "Mind Reader" was recently signed to Acephale Records..They will be doing a limited edition 500 vinyl
Release and Fools Gold who will be doing the worldwide digital release.

11. I can’t live without…

My friends and family, music, chap stick, and sugar.

12. If you were a part of Team FunkyFanny's,what Fanny would you be and why?
I'd be Fiesta Fanny!Life is short and I try to enjoy every moment of it.I love to have a good time,and be the life of the party!

Well..Lady Shyvonne, you are the life of our party and Team FF truly appreciates your support!

Catch her TONIGHT at the Gramercy Theatre presented by Live Nation
127 E.23rd St..NYC..8pm-11pm..GO!GO!GO!GO!

Friend her..Tweet with her..Listen to her..Support and Book her..

August 12, 2009

Haiku 5-7-5 by Flava Fanny

Spending just one day in the FunkyFanny showroom is enough to give any girl with a soft spot for vintage, a true love heart attack. If only I had a dime for every time I gasped in excitement.. This is my ode to my one and only, first true love, Vintage Chanel.

Oh Vintage Chanel
I Want you everywhere
Oh Vintage Chanel.

August 11, 2009

The 1st FunkyFanny's Field Trip=WOW!!!

Our very first FunkyFanny's Field trip!


Let's talk about Prince baby!!
The Purple Rain singalong in Prospect park was absolutely amazing!

From the popcorn and ring pops, to all of our lovelies in lace, the entire night was indeed a night to remember!
Purple pillows and confetti as we layed out under the stars with our favorite Fanny's in style, singing and dancing along with the kid himself!

Cuz really! know how we do..Popcorn is a must!

Nandini and Anitra rockin the purple wigs set off the night perfectly.

The FunkyFanny (of course she's wearing purple lace) and FoxyFanny

Radhika waitin for her sax solo

Wendy?Yes Lisa.

We LOVE these ladies..They made these AMAZING fans!
Ahhh...Prince all around!YUM!

The Jewel.

Ring pops..The FunkyFanny way

Team FunkyFanny's..Frisky,Fetish,Foxy

Umm Mr. Amazing!!Best dressed of the evening

Shyvonne and Ashleigh rockin it out..get it ladies!

Tawana and Tahir holdin it down for the fellas

So much love all around

Keisha lookin' AMAZING in a lace FF treat!

Sending out infinite purple kisses and hugs to all of our FunkyFanny's Vintage lovers who came out with us!
See ya at the next Field trip ;-)

August 10, 2009

FunkyFanny's new gal on the scene...Flava Fanny

What's up Vintage lovers, I'm FlavaFanny :-)

A soft spoken, hardworking, and extra dangerous boogie down Bronx girl with hip hop in her heart.

I enjoy writing, reading, photography, and traveling.

Always living life in a pair of spandex, cause it never ever gets old.

Nights at the beach, days layed out in the park with a book in hand, sunsets and sun showers all give me butterflies.

I've got a killer weakness for thrifting, cowboy boots and Vintage Chanel.
Yum I get Goosebumps just thinking about it!

Deep lover of art, all starting with Mister Keith Haring, my ultimate favorite.

I live to have fun, dancing on tables til my feet get swollen and can't fit in my cowboy boots..
Yes the ones I paid $10 for!
Sometimes I gotta take em off and ride the subway in my mismatched socks,but it’s all love.. We're only young once, and imma live life with some flava!

Infinite Peace & Love

August 9, 2009

FunkyFanny's new gal on the scene...FoxyFanny

Hey FunkyFanny Vintage lovers!!

I’d like to introduce myself as the new FoxyFanny.

Born and raised in Spanish Harlem, NYC

I rock a curly fro & red lipstick most of the time

I love frozen gummy bears

Sunflowers put a smile on my face

I'm a big bag toting lady

Vintage sneakers..cupcakes..and girly props tickle my fancy

I still read childrens books to keep a youthful mind and soul

Kind of chick that will hold your cerebrum for ransom

Art holds a special place in my heart

I love the band Queen..The Bee Gees..and Janet Jackson for their timeless music

Most of all I love Vintage goodies from my head down to my toes

“In reality, one never stops learning in this profession”- YSL

‘Yesterday I was a dream weaver, today I’m a dream maker’ – FoxyFanny

Sending PEACE / LOVE / & FREE HUGS to all of you!!

Over & Out


Wanna go to Brazil?!?

If ya can't make it to the City of God on Wednesday, this Capoeira celebration just might take you there in spirit!

Cruising,Capoeira,Brazilian Beats,AND Caipirinha Drink Specials..AMAZING!

Friend and Graphic Designer to the FF Fam,Emily is a part of this amazing school and event..
She's awesome,You're Awesome

Go!Go!Go!Go!Go!(Can ya tell we want u to go?!?) Go!Go!Go!Go!Go!

Spread the word..Take & Tell a Friend!

August 5, 2009

FriskyFanny's Haiku of the Week

Personally, I think summer is great in concept, and most times in reality also, but when you're in the thick of the humidity and blazing heat, all you can do is think of crisper air and cooler breeze... here's my ode to the star of my fall show, the Sweater Coat...

my fall sweater coat
nubby and warm, mid calf length
you're about to shine.

August 2, 2009

50 Candles!!!

In the spirit of all things Purple Rain, let's all blow out candles today (50 to be exact) for the Sex Shooter herself, Apollonia! You KNOW every man in their right mind had a poster of Apollonia up on their walls back in her heyday!  

A little more about Apollonia, born as Patricia Kotero... She played opposite His Badness (Prince, bien sur) in Purple Rain twenty five years ago, and later went on to form Apollonia 6... Sex Shooter, anyone? You know you still walk hard when it comes up on your iPod!

She was essentially a walking jealousy campaign- I mean, come on- how much hotter can one female get? Anyway, she held it down in a really amazing way...  We love to see any female create a long standing career, and most especially with so much style! So, team FF wishes a Very Happy 50th to her! It is truly a blessing to make it to the golden years in life!