November 30, 2008

I Mean REALLY people!!!

I know that Holiday sales are SOOO exciting and getting that last Cabbage Patch,Wii Fit,or Fuzzy Leopard Slippers for $1.99 is unheard of...but REALLY!!!!!!!...Anytime folks are gettin trampled for a TV, I think we should all take a step back,remember the reason for the season, and take it down a thousand..GEESH!!!!!

R.I.P dear Walmart worker..

To all the people should be DAMN ASHAMED of yourselves!!!!!!!!!I know a recession is amongst us and Dough is tight for us all,but aint worth a life..

Ok..please continue on with your holiday shopping whilst playing nice..

As appalled as appalled can be,


November 26, 2008

Great Space Coaster..Where art thou?

Link"It's the Great Space coaster..get on board..on the Great Space Coaster......Get on board..step inside..soarin for a magic ride..."

Oh Great Space Coaster ,why'd you leave me???..With your Banana lovin Goriddle Gorilla,Knock Knock and her fuzzy pink mane, and Super Swifty Speed Reader..

And OF COURSE,a walk down GSC lane will never be complete without a nod to the ever so incomparable wildebeesty Gary Gnu, and his No Gnews is Good Gnews show..

We miss ya and will "Gnever" forget ya....Big "GNew York" hugs..~The FunkyFanny :-)

November 5, 2008

The President and First Lady.

I many others am speechless..

So instead of getting carried away with a long drawn out commentary on WHY this moment is so life-changing,exciting,unbelievable,monumental,and dope as hell..I thought I'd officially begin what I'm sure will be one of my Favorite weekly offerings..

I present to you,the First in a series...HAIKU 5-7-5 by The FunkyFanny...

  • Barack Obama
  • Your grace and class make me smile
  • The sun shines so bright

  • Instead of a Dog
  • Add a Llama to the Fam
  • Llama Obama

the end.....