April 29, 2009

john waters is kind of amazing...

So I've been posting up in my apartment lately because of an injured ankle, and even though the weather has been so good lately, I'm not mad at kickin back and catching up on my fave movies... um, Female Trouble, anyone??! First of all, it's ridiculous and bawdy, as all John Waters flicks, but more importantly, stars Divine romping around, shakin what she gots in some crazed getups....

The story takes place in the 1960's and spans the life of a "shitkicker and a thief," Dawn Davenport, who spends her time yelling at her daughter, getting her hair did with her besties, Chicklet and Confettia, and being beautiful and criminal (the two go hand in hand in this nutso world).

Peep her clothes game! She runs about B-more (the city) in mesh dresses, the highest hair you'd never wish to sit behind, and smoldered eyeliner- Amy Wino's drag predecessor! Oh, and her wedding dress (which I could not find an image of for the life of me) was see-thru, replete with nips and bush ablazing...

So all this may be an eyesore to some, an incantation of the absurd, really- but what is life if you can't go all out? I'd wear toned down versions of every single one of Divine's fits, save for the prison get up in the very end. I <3>

Reminization..DeBarge x Punky Brewster

When I was younger, I was absolutely sure of 2 things..

  • I was gonna be Punky Brewster when I turned 13
  • I was gonna marry Michael Jackson,Prince,Ralph Tresvant,ALL of Duran Duran and El DeBarge when I turned 17 (hey,I was keepin it big love ;-)
So imagine my surprise when I found this AMAZING jewel that I hadn't seen in FOR-EVER! (Although my "past future hubby in my mind" isn't on this,it's way too priceless to not share)


While the DeBarge fam has had their share of public troubles over the years, you can't knock their hustle towards stardom..We honor them wit massive Brooklyn big ups for the magic they created in the 80's..

Go ahead...getcha full Reminization on..

X and O..
Your Fav Vintage Wondergirl
The FunkyFanny

April 27, 2009

brooklyn bonjours!

Hey ya'll, I'm FriskyFanny, the newest Fanny on the block! Let's take a seat on this stoop, chop it up, maybe crack open a bottle (guised in a brownbag, of course) and get to know each other, shall we?!? It's a nice summer night, after all... I'm living in BK, but hail originally from Cali, where I lived in SF and LA. Thangs i heart? Here's a little list, in no particular order...

1. Betsey Johnson roses
2. SWV
3. my heartshaped doorknockers that I got for my 16th birthday
4. Vintage YSL
5. autobiographies
6. margaritas in the summer
7. my puppy named Whiskey
8. bodycon dresses, OW!
9. motorcycle boots and studded bags
10. girltalk <3

ok, ok... enough about me! what about you, vintage vixens?!?

kissies from Frisky!

April 23, 2009

April 4, 2009

Nuthin to Worry About....

I don't know about you guys, but in my past life I think I was a "worry wart", ya know, one of those people that worry about this, and worry about that, and worry and worry and worry
(you get the picture).

Well, I've noticed that a lil bit of that worryin still creeps into my present life.
Not too much, but a lil here and there...And although I embrace it as part of human nature,
I realize more and more that worry just leads to more worry!
Like getting water on a Gremlin,once you start honey,its OVA..

After incessantly listenin to Bobby McFerrin's "Don't worry Be happy" over the years,I've claimed a brand new anthem of sorts..
One that makes me schoolgirl happy..One that starts my toes tappin,which turns to thigh slappin and moves on up to full "SHAKE IT, POP IT" status in record time...OWWWWWW!!!

Chicas and Dudes..I present to you my fav new song for Spring '09...

Courtesy of Peter,Bjorn,and John..a band of Swedes showin the indie rock scene how to keep the party goin..OOH!!and they formed their band in 1999..which means, we were brought together in sum weird cosmic kinda way via my other hubby Prince
(well..not really,but it sounds amazing no?!?)

Anyhoo..cop their new steez,Living Thing..u can thank me later :-)

tracktastically happy..

Your Fav Vintage Wondergirl,
The FunkyFanny

Peter Bjorn and John "Nothing To Worry About"