April 4, 2009

Nuthin to Worry About....

I don't know about you guys, but in my past life I think I was a "worry wart", ya know, one of those people that worry about this, and worry about that, and worry and worry and worry
(you get the picture).

Well, I've noticed that a lil bit of that worryin still creeps into my present life.
Not too much, but a lil here and there...And although I embrace it as part of human nature,
I realize more and more that worry just leads to more worry!
Like getting water on a Gremlin,once you start honey,its OVA..

After incessantly listenin to Bobby McFerrin's "Don't worry Be happy" over the years,I've claimed a brand new anthem of sorts..
One that makes me schoolgirl happy..One that starts my toes tappin,which turns to thigh slappin and moves on up to full "SHAKE IT, POP IT" status in record time...OWWWWWW!!!

Chicas and Dudes..I present to you my fav new song for Spring '09...

Courtesy of Peter,Bjorn,and John..a band of Swedes showin the indie rock scene how to keep the party goin..OOH!!and they formed their band in 1999..which means, we were brought together in sum weird cosmic kinda way via my other hubby Prince
(well..not really,but it sounds amazing no?!?)

Anyhoo..cop their new steez,Living Thing..u can thank me later :-)

tracktastically happy..

Your Fav Vintage Wondergirl,
The FunkyFanny

Peter Bjorn and John "Nothing To Worry About"

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