May 29, 2009

Jonte Jonesin

There are no words, really. Just watch, you Betta! 

May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grace Jones!

61 candles for the cake of Ms. Jones today, ya'll! Can you believe it?

Here are some vintage flicks of the statuesque (body like whoa!)  80s icon. Her style and swagger are unmatched, even to this day! Her garb made with Keith Haring brings Jeremy Scott's collection to mind, but even still, she brings the fire like naan can!

Ps, remember when she was in Conan the Destroyer with Arrrrrnold and Wilt Chamberlain? 

May 18, 2009

So many questions...

Let's all just take a minute and relax- yes, that's bacon, and yes, that's chocolate...
Ok, I had to hold on to my chair when I saw this porcine-chocolate snack (being purveyed at the Essex Street Market by Roni-Sue ) because I luhhh me some chocolate, and every now and then bacon comes into my life, and I'm not the same for weeks. But together? Have you guys had this? It seems miraculous, like syrup on fried chicken. Should this Fanny even open that door? I mean, its very likely I might never be the same...
But for now, I'm gonna keep getting down with their Mimosa Truffles, cause ya'll know we like to pop bottles over at FunkyFanny's ! Pop! Pop! Pork?

we got the flyest friends!

Can we talk about the fe-ee-ver that these are bringin to Brooklyn?!? One of our Fav Fanny's,Sapphi was rockin these, and we just had to put this flick on, OWWW!

May 10, 2009


Mama,Mom,Mommy,Mom Dukes,Madre,Mother..whatever u call her..
She brought u into this world
(and as the sayin goes when she's pissed off)
"She'll take u out too" :-)

FunkyFanny's was started out of my sheer delight and adoration of all things Fashion and Vintage..
It's a vehicle of expression and also a way for me to pay tribute to all of the Ladies who showed me what style and class are all about..
My Mom,Sister,Godmother,Aunts, Cousins and "Village", cuz baaaaaaby....they stepped out like nobodys business!
Fine,Sharp,Boss,Fly..whatever you call it.. they are it!

The name FunkyFanny's pays homage to them, but also to my Granny,Fannie May Calloway, who showed me how to rock a church hat like no other!!

Growin up in a family full of "dressers",I experienced firsthand how to look the best without havin the "best money"..

Now don't get me wrong, I love a Vintage Pucci dress,Hermes twilly scarf or Louboutin's just as much as the next girl,but fashion to me is so much bigger than namebrands..It's about wearing what looks good on you and being comfortable in your own skin..It's about freedom..freedom of expression..

When designers design, they base their collections off of inspiration..what inspires them..Well guess what? YOU CAN TOO..What inspires you?..

Take a page from the fashion world and flip it to make it your own..Mix your Vintage with your modern,step outside the box,create a signature look(or looks) that show off the best you..
cuz at FunkyFanny's one thing we know for sure..


With love and respect to all the Mom's across the globe..


Hugs Galore...
Your Fav Vintage Wondergirl
~The FunkyFanny

May 7, 2009


Lately I've been dreaming away these rainy days by imagining all that summer will bring... in my brain, there is always a soundtrack and an outfit to go with every occassion...
And this week I can't get enough of Nujabes, music producer Jun Seba from Japan. I'm thinking- this song (btw, Hanabi means fireworks in Japanese) playing as the backdrop to a balmy day in late June, when they're practicing for the 4th of July fireworks, strolling arm in arm with a bestie, sippin iced green teas, no real place to be...

Fireworks also make me think of this jewel, FunkyFanny's of course :-)..
Like, after the finale has gone down, and the air is filled with embers and smoke? That's After Hanabi!

Train Game

Most days in NYC are so hectic that all I want to do is ride the subway and zone out... I always say that there is no better thinking to be done than whilst aboard the iron horse. I have no idea why, ironically, when I'm alone amidst hundreds of other people all doing their own thing, I feel at peace. The constant and rickety commotion of being on the subway lulls my brain into an open, white-walled room and whatever it is that I need to really mash out in there gets done (unless I have 3 transfers to make at rush hour with everyone's stinky feet and armpits in my face). Honestly, when I'm on the train, for the most part, I'm at the height of calm in this circus of a town...

And then there are times when I'm fully trying to enjoy the 3 seconds I have to myself on le train, and someone's gotta start flapping their gums at me about some nonsense... My dude, don't you see I have headphones on? Don't you understand I'm not inclined to share in your delight in others' aching ears? This chick has the right idea- and I'm gonna give her a nod for the beret that's almmmmoost raspberry (hi Prince, I luh you). I'm not usually for witticisms printed on shirts, but in a city where it sometimes seems like everyone wants a piece of you or wants to give you a piece of their mind, this sack dress/ tshirt thing adequately gets the message across, sort of like a sign you'd hang on your hotel door when you don't want a maid walking in on you and your manz in your skivvies or less! Might I add that an acid washed denim vest from and some low pro sneaks would make this my summer go-to, like errday...

Of course, there are days when interaction with interesting strangers is completely welcomed, and in that case you can holler at the world, make new friends, and gab your brains out to the cute Polish bubbies in your hood... but if I'm rockin this shirt, check with me tomorrowz!
(image via

May 6, 2009

Across the pond wit Ms.Keri babayyy...

We heart when cutie patootie Keri Hilson rocks our
Jordache Acid washed jean vest.

Seems like the folks at bossip have a luv/hate take on it..

In FunkyFannyland Acid washed is an Absolute Hellzer Yeahzer!!
Lookin fab in acid washed=WIN!!!

What say you?
Turnin you on or Turnin you off?

.:: Big Brooklyn hugs to the ever so fab,Michelle Ten of MissfitStyles & her crew for makin it happen ::.

image courtesy of bossip

r.i.p. bea arthur...

Good thing there's such a thing as syndication and Nick at Nite :(
I remember the many many afternoons when my momz and I would take a break from our usual game of cat/mouse (I was a naughty lil dun, and would end up running around the house trying to escape a well deserved spank from my dukes) and plop down in front of the couch and watch Golden Girls... It was the only show we actually could agree upon, and for good reason.

Sadly, Dorothy, aka Bea Arthur passed recently, but gladly, she lived a full and accomplished life. She's lauded for her quick wit and deadpan sarcasm, but I mean, really? A woman who can hold down a career for 70 years is one we should all look to for motivation. And furthermore, she was a woman who wasn't afraid to confront issues in a way that was entertaining and relatable (via her show, Maude). A woman that can make a stance and make me laugh is one after my own heart- plus, can we talk about her mean duster game on the Golden Girls???

Here's a trailblazing clip of Maude's dilemma about late life abortion (before Roe v Wade was even passed)
And who can forget these LOLer coasters...

Oh, and then there's this little jewel...

Here's to you, Lady Bea <3

May 4, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Margs for erryone! If you're like me, this can only lead to debauchery...

Let's see... the last time I made a marg my manz for the night, I sprained my ankle and am now posted up. The time before that, I narrowly escaped getting tatted on my bootay... hopefully this time I don't end up in a Mexican jailhouse (fingers crossed!)

En serio, every time I  get down with tequila, I have no idea what path my life has taken the next morning, but Salud! 

ps... Piano's in NYC is DANGEROUSLY DRUNKENLY. Say hello to Roger if you make it to that spot!