May 6, 2009

r.i.p. bea arthur...

Good thing there's such a thing as syndication and Nick at Nite :(
I remember the many many afternoons when my momz and I would take a break from our usual game of cat/mouse (I was a naughty lil dun, and would end up running around the house trying to escape a well deserved spank from my dukes) and plop down in front of the couch and watch Golden Girls... It was the only show we actually could agree upon, and for good reason.

Sadly, Dorothy, aka Bea Arthur passed recently, but gladly, she lived a full and accomplished life. She's lauded for her quick wit and deadpan sarcasm, but I mean, really? A woman who can hold down a career for 70 years is one we should all look to for motivation. And furthermore, she was a woman who wasn't afraid to confront issues in a way that was entertaining and relatable (via her show, Maude). A woman that can make a stance and make me laugh is one after my own heart- plus, can we talk about her mean duster game on the Golden Girls???

Here's a trailblazing clip of Maude's dilemma about late life abortion (before Roe v Wade was even passed)
And who can forget these LOLer coasters...

Oh, and then there's this little jewel...

Here's to you, Lady Bea <3

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