May 7, 2009

Train Game

Most days in NYC are so hectic that all I want to do is ride the subway and zone out... I always say that there is no better thinking to be done than whilst aboard the iron horse. I have no idea why, ironically, when I'm alone amidst hundreds of other people all doing their own thing, I feel at peace. The constant and rickety commotion of being on the subway lulls my brain into an open, white-walled room and whatever it is that I need to really mash out in there gets done (unless I have 3 transfers to make at rush hour with everyone's stinky feet and armpits in my face). Honestly, when I'm on the train, for the most part, I'm at the height of calm in this circus of a town...

And then there are times when I'm fully trying to enjoy the 3 seconds I have to myself on le train, and someone's gotta start flapping their gums at me about some nonsense... My dude, don't you see I have headphones on? Don't you understand I'm not inclined to share in your delight in others' aching ears? This chick has the right idea- and I'm gonna give her a nod for the beret that's almmmmoost raspberry (hi Prince, I luh you). I'm not usually for witticisms printed on shirts, but in a city where it sometimes seems like everyone wants a piece of you or wants to give you a piece of their mind, this sack dress/ tshirt thing adequately gets the message across, sort of like a sign you'd hang on your hotel door when you don't want a maid walking in on you and your manz in your skivvies or less! Might I add that an acid washed denim vest from and some low pro sneaks would make this my summer go-to, like errday...

Of course, there are days when interaction with interesting strangers is completely welcomed, and in that case you can holler at the world, make new friends, and gab your brains out to the cute Polish bubbies in your hood... but if I'm rockin this shirt, check with me tomorrowz!
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