March 12, 2009

FunkyFanny's x Supermodels...

Well OF COURSE we love when Supermodel (but most importantly Supercutie patootie) Chanel Iman rocks our Fab chapeau and Future Supermodel Devyn rocks our belt in the new issue of Giant magazine..


March 4, 2009

Reminization...Rememberances of dope ISH past

Once upon a time
there lived a girl (me) in the faraway land of Chicago (southside to be exact)
She loved to sing more than cherry fruit rollups and jacks
She entered her schools talent show and won 1st place
What did she wear you ask?
Oversized Betty Boop sweatshirt,Pastel Pink stirrups,Lime Green and Royal Blue slouch socks,Crispy white skippy's(Keds)
Hair in a high side pony with a Lime Green scrunchie and of course oodles of neon rubber bracelets
What did she sing you ask?

and yes..she did the dance too

the end.

x and o
your Fav Vintage Wondergirl


One question for ya ladies...WTF is goin on in the world???

I saw a commercial last night that showed a lady sitting at a restaurant,and a man walking in to meet her..He proceeds to sit down and does EVERYTHING (texted on the phone,picked his teeth, blew his nose etc.) other than hangin wit his boo..Then homeboy stands up,says "Happy Anniversary Honey" and DIPS..

WTF is that about you ask....

That my friends, is a commercial for, a dating site for MARRIED folks looking to have affairs and single folks who wanna have it with them...I KNOW...IN-SANI-TY... all means,if you wanna creep it out, I can't stop ya..I believe that whatchu do in the dark will come to light,but DAMN Ashley or Madison or whoever the hell you are..
Great way to capitalize offa what some folks are gonna do anyway hunh? but morally..
hmmm..not so much

Here's the scoop on ya girl AshMad..
You create a profile with all the pertinent info about yo cheatin ass...

Your Status
  • Single Male
  • Single Female
  • Attached Male seeking Female
  • Attached Female seeking Male
Your Limits
  • Something Short Term
  • Something Long Term
  • Cyber Affair/Erotic Chat
  • Whatever excites me
  • Anything goes
You purchase credits that allow you to do a myriad of things like:
exchange private(explicit) photos,buy virtual gifts, and instant message..
Everything you need to getcha full Bill Clinton on..

In all my days,I have never heard of anything so cuhrazy.

But, for those who beg to differ, head on over to
Life is short so have an Affairland..
and Happy Cheating(until you get caught and sumbody's knee caps get busted off) ouch.

x and o
Your Fav Vintage Wondergirl

March 1, 2009

j'adore vintage ...

Because really,shouldn't a lady always have choices?