April 27, 2009

brooklyn bonjours!

Hey ya'll, I'm FriskyFanny, the newest Fanny on the block! Let's take a seat on this stoop, chop it up, maybe crack open a bottle (guised in a brownbag, of course) and get to know each other, shall we?!? It's a nice summer night, after all... I'm living in BK, but hail originally from Cali, where I lived in SF and LA. Thangs i heart? Here's a little list, in no particular order...

1. Betsey Johnson roses
2. SWV
3. my heartshaped doorknockers that I got for my 16th birthday
4. Vintage YSL
5. autobiographies
6. margaritas in the summer
7. my puppy named Whiskey
8. bodycon dresses, OW!
9. motorcycle boots and studded bags
10. girltalk <3

ok, ok... enough about me! what about you, vintage vixens?!?

kissies from Frisky!

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