August 11, 2009

The 1st FunkyFanny's Field Trip=WOW!!!

Our very first FunkyFanny's Field trip!


Let's talk about Prince baby!!
The Purple Rain singalong in Prospect park was absolutely amazing!

From the popcorn and ring pops, to all of our lovelies in lace, the entire night was indeed a night to remember!
Purple pillows and confetti as we layed out under the stars with our favorite Fanny's in style, singing and dancing along with the kid himself!

Cuz really! know how we do..Popcorn is a must!

Nandini and Anitra rockin the purple wigs set off the night perfectly.

The FunkyFanny (of course she's wearing purple lace) and FoxyFanny

Radhika waitin for her sax solo

Wendy?Yes Lisa.

We LOVE these ladies..They made these AMAZING fans!
Ahhh...Prince all around!YUM!

The Jewel.

Ring pops..The FunkyFanny way

Team FunkyFanny's..Frisky,Fetish,Foxy

Umm Mr. Amazing!!Best dressed of the evening

Shyvonne and Ashleigh rockin it out..get it ladies!

Tawana and Tahir holdin it down for the fellas

So much love all around

Keisha lookin' AMAZING in a lace FF treat!

Sending out infinite purple kisses and hugs to all of our FunkyFanny's Vintage lovers who came out with us!
See ya at the next Field trip ;-)


Team Emily said...

i love these pictures. you inspire awesomeness.

FunkyFanny's Vintage said...

Thanks Lady!!We can't wait for the next field trip..Hope 2 c ya soon!..Big Hugs from Brooklyn!