August 17, 2009

Head Fanny in Charge... Shyvonne

We Love our Ladies!Seriously!

Not just because they rep FF all day everyday..but because they are the flyest,most talented,dopest ladies you'll ever meet..
And we love to brag about em and spread the word of their goodness.

So we've started a new initiative to do just that with
H.F.I.C..Head Fanny in Charge!

This month on deck is lovely songstress Shyvonne
Keep your eyes and ears open for this Shining Star!

At 12,she began singing in musical theater and went on to
sing backup for Estelle,Mickey Factz, Theophilus London, Candace Jones, Francis Coates Project, and Jade to name a few..

She's known for her powerful raspy voice,fly and colorful style, and everchanging hair color.
And she's right on track for taking over the music world.

We sat down with Shyvonne to find out what makes her tick..

1. Name/Age/City you Rep

My name is Shyvonne, I am 23 yrs old raised in Westchester, NY currently residing in Harlem World.

2. My hustle is…

MUSIC- I am a singer,songwriter with a story to tell.

3. What can we see you rocking on the daily?

Bright colors, a smile, my name plate, and some head phones.

4. What’s your fave FF piece in your closet?

Wow! I have so many favorites. I'd have to say....this teal and black embroidered dress I got from the event at Pillow last year. It fits perfectly, and hugs all the right places. Its probably older than me, but feels like it was made just for me!

5. My style is described as…

A mixture of alot of different things. It all depends on my mood, but overall I'd say funky, hip hop, a plethora of color with a rock edge.

6. What’s your favorite thing about wearing vintage?

Everything works in cycles especially fashion. I love the idea that even though it was worn its authentic, its been around, and now its my turn to rock it the Shyvonne way. I also love the detail, and care that is put into vintage clothing unlike a lot of the mass produced stuff today.

7. What’s a piece of advice that you’d give to other up and coming artists?

Do not lose sight of why you love your craft. With the internet, and all these new resources it's easy to get caught up in the hype of drama, blogs, tweeting etc and it can take away from your true focus. I think they are important marketing tools but you should be careful of how you put yourself out there and how quickly. After all it is the www, but people seem to forget that.

8. What would you be doing if you weren’t in your line of work?

I went to college for Public Relations/ Political Science. Previously, before I made music my full time gig, I worked in the PR field in Entertainment at companies such as Def Jam Enterprises, BET, Bad Boy, Q Models etc. If I wasn't doing music right now, I'd probably still be chained at a desk in entertainment feeling very unfulfilled without a microphone.

9. What’s the last concert you went to?

It may not count as a "real" concert. But I want to say when I went to see "Purple Rain" in Prospect Park with you guys. Yes, Prince wasn't there, but it really felt like we were "there" and it was great!! Besides that show, I've been hopping around to outdoor shows all summer.

10. What’s up next for you?Everything!!! I've been working very hard in all aspects in my life mental to physical in order to enhance my music and better my craft.

I'm at the point now where I'm starting to see the work pay off and its an amazing feeling.

My next show is 8/17 at Gramercy Theater at 8pm, Also my song "Mind Reader" was recently signed to Acephale Records..They will be doing a limited edition 500 vinyl
Release and Fools Gold who will be doing the worldwide digital release.

11. I can’t live without…

My friends and family, music, chap stick, and sugar.

12. If you were a part of Team FunkyFanny's,what Fanny would you be and why?
I'd be Fiesta Fanny!Life is short and I try to enjoy every moment of it.I love to have a good time,and be the life of the party!

Well..Lady Shyvonne, you are the life of our party and Team FF truly appreciates your support!

Catch her TONIGHT at the Gramercy Theatre presented by Live Nation
127 E.23rd St..NYC..8pm-11pm..GO!GO!GO!GO!

Friend her..Tweet with her..Listen to her..Support and Book her..

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