August 9, 2009

FunkyFanny's new gal on the scene...FoxyFanny

Hey FunkyFanny Vintage lovers!!

I’d like to introduce myself as the new FoxyFanny.

Born and raised in Spanish Harlem, NYC

I rock a curly fro & red lipstick most of the time

I love frozen gummy bears

Sunflowers put a smile on my face

I'm a big bag toting lady

Vintage sneakers..cupcakes..and girly props tickle my fancy

I still read childrens books to keep a youthful mind and soul

Kind of chick that will hold your cerebrum for ransom

Art holds a special place in my heart

I love the band Queen..The Bee Gees..and Janet Jackson for their timeless music

Most of all I love Vintage goodies from my head down to my toes

“In reality, one never stops learning in this profession”- YSL

‘Yesterday I was a dream weaver, today I’m a dream maker’ – FoxyFanny

Sending PEACE / LOVE / & FREE HUGS to all of you!!

Over & Out


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