January 8, 2010

New Beginnings by FoxyFanny..

Starting a new year is grand!

  As I recap 2009..Team FunkyFanny’s had an amazingly jam-packed year.
I’m excited to share for all who missed out, and for those who participated..

Thank You for holding down the vintage world with us.

We started our new initiative: The Funky Fanny’s Field Trip  
with the Purple Rain Sing Along..Doing our part to support The Pink Tea Cup's crusade among others.

Hosting a series of festive ”Gold Money” affairs.

And of course dedicated our time to spreading Vintage love!
 With all that glory behind us, we look forward to a great Twenty Ten!

 Here are some things I’d like to accomplish in 2010:
For starters..This FoxyFanny will curb her tongue and not be so cantankerous with others.
 Making sure I shine my brightest light!
Hoping to discover the small wonders that the Vintage world has to offer.
Expanding my wisdom on Vintage history,learning the technique of collecting and parting with pieces in order to keep my collection fruitful. 

My biggest hope for this year is to be happy, share happiness, be around it all while spreading the word that FunkyFanny’s will rock your Vintage world…

Hope it’s been...
Peace/Love/and Free Hugs

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