November 11, 2009

Speaking of GOLD MONEY...

a day late but never a dollar from the first installment of gold money..
a monthly spectaculooza of awesomeness.
it went down sumthin like this..

fly ladies and gents...bubbly sippin..booty poppin..
dance battle royale..funtimes had by all..WIN!

The HoneyDippers brought the house down and of course The FunkyFanny's represented to the fullest!

debauchery starts now.

gold moneyyyyyyyyyyy!
i spy funkyfanny's.

the honey rose and jasmine solano

annie of cubannie links

minx and linx by cubannie links.

ariane of discomakeupaire

oh you really wanna battle me son?

who gon check me boo?BWAHAHA!

take that take that!

oh snap!he served u mama!

she hit him wit the one two bodyroll and knocked his ass out!

and he bows out gracefully.fellas 0.ladies 1!

favfanny erica

foxyfanny and boo.

favfanny sapphi

favfanny's radhika and alex.

the end.

join us thursday november 12th for more bubbly sippin,booty poppin and awesomeness.

bigups to mindless photos for the memories.

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