April 29, 2010


As part of Funky Fanny's ongoing dedication to bringing you Vintage, but also the History of Vintage, I attended a free fashion film offered by Parsons: School of Art and Design History celebrating the launch of their new MA Fashion Studies program, and here's the rundown on that Vintage Cinematic Classic.

In 1954 one of the most memorable films of the twentieth century came to the big screen: Sabrina.

This romantic comedy starring Audrey Hepburn is about a chauffeur's daughter 'Sabrina Fairchild' who is madly in love with the son of a wealthy family 'David Larrabe'. Dressed in rags, David never pays her any mind.

Costume designer Edith Head created this raga-muffin dress. Edith's dream was to make every outfit for the film but was only permitted to make this one.

Sabrina left for culinary school in Paris and came back a changed woman complete with fancy garments. Upon arrival, David stops to pick her up without even recognizing her.

Legendary designer Hubert de Givenchy created this sophisticated Black suit with matching gloves and a White head wrap. Audrey begged him to let her try his S/S 1953 samples and they fit perfectly. That marked the beginning of a life long friendship plus popularity among Hollywood stars. He made every ensemble Sabrina wears post-Paris.

Sabrina gets invited to a Larrabe dinner party and shows up in the most elaborate White silk gown with gloves. She steals the night as David ditches his fiancee to dance with her. His brother Linus notices and fears it will cost corporate ties with the bride. So he takes matters into his own hands and attempts to make Sabrina fall in love with him instead.

In an office scene Linus invites Sabrina for ice cream. She wears a Black cocktail dress with matching gloves and crown. Audrey loved this dress because she says it "covered her bony chest and accentuated the shoulders."

Awwww peep the embellishment how adorable. I want one!

Linus takes Sabrina on a boat trip. She wears a Plaid top tucked into White pleated shorts. That day he realizes that he's fallen in love but continues on with his plans to get rid of her.

In another office scene Sabrina shows up to visit Linus in a Black funnel neck coat by Givenchy . Beneath it is a simple sweater and capris combo with ballerina flats that shows off her slim figure. Here she got the news that Linus planned to ship her away to Paris for good.

In the last scene Sabrina heads for Paris in a Wool trench and gloves accompanied by her puppy *tears*. Linus realized he was making a mistake and caught the boat to meet his true love. They hugged and sailed off.

Edith Head won eight Oscars for best costumes although Hubert de Givenchy designed the majority of the outfits for Sabrina. Since she was appointed wardrobe supervisor and costume designer, Edith was upset when news broke that Audrey requested Givenchy to create her gowns instead. To prevent Edith from quitting, the director granted her wishes and all credit went to her.

Happy endings are the best!

xoxo Ferocious Fanny.

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