May 9, 2010

Reminization: House Party

House Party is 20 years old

My how time flies when you're having fun
and fun was the main ingredient that rap duo Kid n' Play
brought to rap music in the early 1990s

They provided a "Sweet and Low" option
to the hardcore gangster lyrics coming from the west coast

This classic flick ushered in a time to let loose...
hang out with your friends...
train your hair to soar to new heights - defying the laws of gravity
wear your finest, boldest, most colorful of threads
and most importantly

Right there in the middle of a good ole house jammy jam
You danced your troubles, beefs, insecurities, fears
and even curfews away!

20 years later their syncopated footwork still has the power to get us on the floor
following along to those signature moves

Press play on this clip for a taste of nostalgia
Go on, get down...
You can do it!
And step...

Spunky Til I Die,

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