April 29, 2010

SPOTLIGHT: Lacoste or Haymaker?

Everyone knows what that little crocodile emblem represents but you're probably wondering why on earth the tag says Haymaker. This isn't a fake it's actually an authentic Lacoste shirt. So why doesn't it say so? Allow me to break everything down.

Originally, Lacoste was a brand of tennis shirts developed by French tennis star Rene Lacoste and knitwear company owner Andre Gillier in 1933. Each shirt had a croc logo representing Rene's nickname 'the crocodile'. In 1952 he signed an agreement with David Crystal, owner of Izod who combined the two brands to boost Izod's prestige.

By 1966, Lacoste shirts and polo dresses were made and distributed in the U.S. with variations of labels on clothing tags including Izod Lacoste and Haymaker, a sportswear division under Crystal.

These tennis style garments were very fashionable during the late 1960's to early 1980's when 'preppy' was THE look.

Today Izod and Lacoste are separate entities while David Crystal no longer exists.

For Spring 2010, luxury labels put a spin on retro tennis style as their interpretation of the current sportswear trend.

Who knew such a small symbol had so much history behind it?

xoxo Ferocious Fanny.

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