April 27, 2010

Got her toes done up with the fingernails matchin!

When you think of the 60's what are the first things that come to mind?
Twiggy, folk music, baby doll eyes, mini skirts, bobbed hair?
But there's one small detail that is constantly overlooked.


What girl doesn't love getting her nails done? I'm obsessed with fresh manicures.. Acrylic, gel, plain, whatever the case nothing beats the look of a shiny new set.

Recently there's been a surge in interest for long oval shaped nails. Hurled back into the spotlight by a certain celebrity *ehemm* this retro style mani has returned. Move over squares and squovals.

From the 1940's to 1960's rounded nails were extremely popular.
Have you ever noticed your grandma or old ladies on the bus sporting the ovals? Well that's why!

Don't worry though, they are no longer reserved for the sassy senior citizens crowd.

Next time you visit the salon give em a try. I love oval nails, they add a touch of old school glamour to any look.

xoxo Ferocious Fanny.
Photo courtesy of: Child of the Moon, Stacy Armand, Vintage ads

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