February 11, 2010

We Heart Mickey!

Who loved Mickey Mouse as a kid???
"Oh Boy"
Who you? Yep..me too!
I was a faithful devotee to MMC!

1. Mickey Mouse made his big debut in November 1928 and almost 82 years later,he never looked so good!
2. Team FF just ADORES that dear Mr. Mouse...with charm,charisma,and a neverending smile who wouldn't!What a guy!
3. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are married in my book ;-)
4. I heart Mickey's favorite saying: "Aw, gee...that sure is swell!"
(ya know in a Opie from Mayberry kinda way).
5.As a kid,I would dress up and rock out to MMC!
Apparently I still do...

 Vintage Mickey vest..Size Small..$40

For more details on this yumminess and other vintage goodies hit us up at getit@funkyfannys.com

 Peace/Love/and Free hugs


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