February 18, 2010

Head Fanny In Charge...RadioRose Garcia

We make it a habit here at the Vintage Wonderland
to pause from our daily grind
and shine a spotlight on fearless, fabulous ladies who
flex,represent and kick major a$$ in their chosen professions.
We call these aMMMazing gals our H.F.I.C - HEAD FANNY IN CHARGE!

What better way to continue the Fanny of the month series than with one of our absolute FavFanny's,  Radio Rose Garcia
We're in awe of the talent..The demand for excellence..
The sheer dedication to her grind!
But we LOVE her also for her big ol' heart and wicked funny streak!

This uber talented dynamo counts a quintuplet of careers as her own.
That's right count 'em, we're talkin a whoppin' 5 skills:
Custom Designer
Party Promoter

Oooweeee, the hustle is MEAN we tell ya!

We caught up with Radio Rose recently to find out how this Energizer bunny
Keeps going...and going...and going...

1. Name/Age/Location
Radio Rose Garcia

2. What’s your favorite era of vintage?  
The 1960s
There was such a great balance of elegance and being easy, breezy, carefree.
Everything seemed to feel and look as if it's floating
Could it be all the LSD maybe?
It was also a great cultural revolution
Where people started to express themselves and rebel in fashion.

3. What can we see you rockin’ on the daily?
My awesome Chanel quilted purse I found on a vintage run.

4. What is the ultimate outfit when you:
a. DJ?
5 inch heels, Little Black Dress, Leather or Latex.
I like to feel in charge - I'm such a dominatrix
Especially in my grommet Funky Fannys jacket!

Oversized buttoned down shirts or a sweater
Like my FF polka dot buttoned down..Tights and my motorcycle boots.
I have to do a lot of lugging around, bending and running
I want to be comfy.

c. BLOG?
Burnout tees or tanks, tights, Aztec moccasins and my Chanel scarf
I like to use it as a wrap
Oh, and how can I forget?
My leopard Snuggie!

5. You've got plenty on your plate, do you have a favorite hustle?
It's like having 3 children, you can't love one more than the other
But I can describe why I love them all.

With my styling I've worked my way up
and have been doing it for so long
It's truly my first love
I see everything as something I've earned and deserve

DJing keeps me learning every day
I'm on my toes, but very humble
So it's like a nice escape from the normal day to day.
With writing I always feel the need to express myself
I don't do it well verbally, but I'm great at describing it.

6. What’s your favorite thing about wearing vintage?
It's like having your own little piece of uniqueness.
You know that you'll rarely find another person wearing the same thing so
it's your own little piece of individuality
The hunt is also a great thrill.

7. What do you hunt out when thrifting /vintaging?
Love them, I don't have enough!
Bags/unique purses, anything with unicorns, bathing suits
I get very inspired by the colors and designs of
things I wore in high school (so hard to find nowadays)
90s Guess, Betsey Johnson, Polo Bear and babydoll dresses.

8. How would you describe your look?
Quirky, Fun, Risky

9. What’s your fave FF piece?
I don't have just 1...
But I have pics of all the awesome finds I've gotten
Wait for my part 2 - I couldn't fit them all in one feature!

10. Favorite vintage designer?
Not exactly a vintage designer, but I love finding Betsey Johnson pieces.

11. What Fanny would you be? (starts with an “F”)
Flashy Fanny!

12. Who do you look to for inspiration, style wise?
Diana Ross and Melba Moore- classic and sexy!

13. How did you become part of the FF fam?
I moved into the vintage cellar and never left!
I also provide the soundtrack along with some helpful motivation!

14. Shout outs/ Nominations for FF of the month and why?
I have a very talented photographer friend
That has a love for vintage greater than mine
Marley Kate, she's an amazing photographer
Have you seen her YSL sweat top?!
Or all the amazing goodies she inherits from her amazing Momma?!
Well, u need to!

Radio Rose keep curating the soundtrack of our hearts and blessing us boo!

Go get your fix and you'll be hooked for life just like us!

Spunky Til I Die,


SAUCY | eff. | BABY said...

I had no idea she was a DJ!

I've always known her as a stylist. That's so cool! Love her style. Did she wear that grommet Funky Fannys jacket during your Wendy Williams Field Trip??

Loveeee! She's awesome!

xo Nicole

FunkyFanny's Vintage said...

YEP!She's one talented stylish mama! :-)YES!That's the fabulous jacket!LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!Thanks so much for reading ladybug!

Big Brooklyn Hugs..