February 26, 2010

Prince New Music..Hey we can't help it!

Ok Ok so I adore his purple badness a little more than others?
I mean come on..this aint some "born yesterday" love affair..
This is 20+ years of love honey and ya can't just ignore that! ;-)

He's legendary,ubertalented,has a style all his own,not afraid to speak his mind and rocks a high heeled boot flawlessly..and his guitar riffs?

Imagine my delight when I found out that Prince
would be debuting his new song,Cause and Effect,
on a Minneapolis' independent music station, 89.3 The Current

In true "I don't mess around with my Prince" fashion..I woke up @ 7 am to catch it
and can I just say IT IS EXPLOSIVE!!!

Pure Prince,Pure Message,Pure Talent,Pure Guitar, and with an opening line like
"I am here.Where are you?"
need I say more!

Now..this next bit made me feel a lil stalkerish,although I do get a lil weak at the knees at the sound of the mans music,I've never written anything anywhere(besides here lol) expressing my feelings..
But in true FF form,we spread love all over,so I spread love and gave
Kudos where kudos were due!

Right smack dab in the middle of the Current's blog!They asked for feedback and I delivered!

Take a listen to the new new Here:

Big "He's Baaackk" Hugs
The Vintage Wondergirl


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