February 3, 2010

Vintage Gucci Appraisals..

We ADORE Vintage Gucci and always get questions of the who's,where's, and how's to know a specific items value.

Well,here's a great service that will make that much easier!

The House of Gucci and Christie's have joined forces to create 

The 1st Gucci-certified online appraisal service for Vintage Gucci items.

Seems pretty easy too and with the history of Christie's in the auction world it's sure to put you at ease on that fabulous piece you've been holding onto,wanting to sell,or just wanting to know the value of.

Upload your photo and submit an appraisal request and a team of Christie's experts as well as Gucci's archivists will assess the item and provide an auction estimate for qualifying submissions.
(Select owners will have a chance to sell their items to Gucci or in a future Christie's auction as well)

FYI..For collectors who have Gucci up the wazoo(you lucky lady you!)..You may submit up to six items per request..

So..run and grab your yumminess and get to gettin!

Big "Vintage Gucci is divine" Hugs
The Vintage Wondergirl

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