February 11, 2010

FunkyFanny's Tip of the Day..Vintage Leather

At FunkyFanny's we treat our vintage with the utmost R.E.S.P.E.C.T!
We take pride in knowing that we're passing along
an amazing piece that will continue to last.

With that also comes sharing some tricks of the trade so you can upkeep your fabulous pieces long after they've left our pretty lil hands.

Leather is one of the most versatile fabrics known to man.
It can be used to make just about anything..clothing, shoes, purses, belts,accessories and more.
Naturally, over time like anything "used alot" some vintage leather begins to appear 'worn in'. There may be some fading,scuff marks,peeling from everyday wear and tear,or damage from unsuitable upkeep.

And since we take pride in knowing how to treat and care for our vintage goodies
Here are a few of our fav ways to save the day:

1. Do not store leather in dry and humid conditions.
This can lead to discoloration and water damage staining.

2. Always use a soft cloth to clean any leather.
Make sure to remove the dirt to make it shine it's natural color.

3. Try using some Pecard dressing; it's made especially for leather goods.
If not some good ol saddle wax will work, making sure to clean in circular motions.

4. After a good cleaning you can now condition your vintage leather piece with mink oil.
This makes it less prone to damage and leaves your fab leather piece with a nice shine.

5. Polishing leather is good to cover scuffs or any other damage that may have occured over time.

6. We recommend not to machine wash or dry your vintage leather
because it can cause damage beyond repair.

7. Storing vintage leather is an important part of the upkeep.
Make sure to store away from sunlight to prevent the skin from cracking or peeling
and stuff the sleeves with tissue to keep the natural form.

8. If you feel like staying true to the statement "better safe than sorry" try a Dry Cleaning method (someone you trust to take care of your items just as you would your other vintage goodies.)

These are just a few simple and effective ways to keep your vintage leather looking tight!
Try em out and let us know what you think.

Peace/Love/and Free Hugs

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