March 11, 2010

SPOTLIGHT: Andrea Pfister

Andrea Pfister is a one of a kind designer known for his love of detail and whimsical design.

Nope..contrary to the name,Andrea is not a woman, he is a man of genius shoe creations...
A magnificent couturier of opulent, colorful and innovative shoes if you will.
He is known for his sexy designs,high quality,and attention to comfortability.

Andrea was born in Pesaro, Italy on August 30,1942.
His shoes are also Italian made and created with attention to detail.

In the age of 21,he began his career designing for Lanvin and Jean Patou.
He showed his first collection in 1965 and began production for his own line in 1967.
In 1974 his ready-to-wear line was finally launched.

He also designed for Bruno Magli and Mariuccia Mandeli,as well as collaborated with Anne Klein from 1974 to 1993.

Pfister has an eye for shoe perfection..starting with color, shape, proportion and styling...
Quite notably, vibrant color and then continuing with jewels, sequins, glitter or appliqués. He also uses handcrafted embroidery, silks and plastics.

His most notably famous style was the birdcage shoe in 1979, which is a flat pump with a closed-back, opened-toe, and the main body constructed in an open latticework of thin leather straps. This later became copied by many using plastic instead of leather.

He is THE leading designer in making sexy shoes in a variety of themes such as starry skies, the sea, music, the circus, Las Vegas, fruit and some with cocktail glass heels like this Martini inspired shoe design..

He loves motif appliqué do I!And has designed for Elizabeth Taylor and MADONNA
le sighhh..

Pfister has always said: "If a beautiful woman’s feet hurt, she becomes ugly."
We couldn't agree more!

Kudos to Sir Andrea Pfister for creating some of the most interesting shoe designs we've ever laid eyes upon.

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