March 24, 2010

Feb. 2010 GOLD Money!!

Gold Money brought out our
FavFanny's, DJ's, vintage lovers and friends!!

We had a blast sippin' champers and
The FunkyFanny's had a grand time bein sooo Gold Money!!

Check out the parrrtayy!!

Lady Chellez  setting the tunes!

Gold Money was pumping!

FavFanny Alex and DiscoMakeupAire

The head Fanny and lovely Vintage Wondergirl

FeistyFanny getting a one of a kind disco design

Feisty danced the night away...

Big Gold $$$ Hugs to the ladies who held it down!

Bonnie Danger
Lady Chellez
Lorraine Sangre

Big BK Hugs to
MindlessPhotos for capturing the Golden Moments.

Can't wait for the next Champagne Campaign ladies and gents
See you at the next Gold Money!!!


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