March 12, 2010

FunkyFanny's Spring/Summer 2010 LookyLoo

We are SuperExcited to present 
our Spring/Summer 2010 LookyLoo:

   The Inspiration
Mickey's iconic ears have resurfaced in fashion in a big way, and we couldn't be more thrilled. We've been obsessed with all things Mickey since we were tiny Vintage Wondergirls,and what better way to showcase our love of
Vintage and Mickey than our S/S LookyLoo.

We've always been inspired by Mickey's classic colors, and vamped them up Funky Fanny's style, fusing them with vibrant electrics against a Miami backdrop.
This isn't your old Mouseketeer, and we're not your average Vintage brand!

click images for maximum pleasure 

All of the pieces featured in the Looky Loo will be available for purchase on the new site, , which launches in Spring 2010.
The site will be home to delicious Vintage for ladies of all walks of life. We offer a broad spectrum of goods, from Trendsetting pieces to Classic Era Vintage and everything in between.
Seriously ladies, we've got it all!
If you love color, exclusive and quality Vintage, you'll love Funky Fanny's!

We're the perfect blend of taking our hustle seriously while having fun with fashion.
We take on life with a wink, and live by our motto:
When you look good, you feel better, and when you feel good, you look even better!


Amber Nefertari said...

i love minnie and mickey! i've been wanting a minnie sweatshirt forever haha <3 cuteeee.


OMG this is the most amazing / magical thing on earth! amazing job from the rooter to the tooter, everyone involved killed it, most importantly Serci for continuing to bring us amazing collections. Muah to all my girls. Great Job Funky Fannys!

Kookie Kimmi said...

Mickey has been one BaddBadddBoy!!

FunkyFanny's Vintage said...

*Amber-YAY for MICKEY & MINNIE!!!!!They provided such outstanding inspiration!!I gotchu comin boo!Hold tight ;-)..xox..Thank u sweets!

*Annieeeeee!!Thank you soooo much my love!love YOU the rooter to the tooter ;-)..CLASSICCCC!!You inspire me on the daily so that means the world to me.mwah and xo!


Thank you so much!