July 21, 2009

SPOTLIGHT: David Evins

Let’s talk about shoes babbbbby!!!

My FAVE Vintage Designer of the week is...(drumroll pleaseee)


For Vintage shoe lovers and collectors his shoes are a dream come true
and I too drool over a David Evins creation.

Glamorous, enchanting and stunning..These are just a few words to describe his shoes.

He was the ‘it’ shoe man, the “King of shoes” for Hollywood’s glamoratie and for ladies like us too.
Evins was a master of his craft making shoes for classy, feminine women of the world but also to some of the most wealthy and beautiful women of his time.
His fans included the Duchess of Windsor, the Queen of England, and so many of Hollywood’s starlets. These ladies routinely commissioned shoes from him and hailed him as a genius.

He would create shoes that embodied both the personalities of the movie star he was creating for as much as the characters they were meant to portray.

Gorgeous mules for Ava Gardner, clunky pumps for Judy Garland, leopard skin bootees for Marlene Dietrich and low heeled pumps that Grace Kelly wore when she married Prince Rainier.

David came from England when he was 13 and studied illustration
Brooklyn's own Pratt Institute..

He then moved on to become a pattern maker for Vogue..

After his tenure at Vogue, Evins
realized his true calling,as a shoe designer..

He then developed a label under a contract with I.Miller and as soon as his artistic, gorgeous shoes were presented to the world he was dubbed by the fashion industry as ‘the King of Pumps’.

Some of his innovations were halter-back sandals with Velcro, he was the first designer to dye alligator in vivid colors, made heels out of trophy stems and made vamps outta fishing line.

Evins is no longer with us but his vintage lives on and his wonderful fashion sense and artistic genius is reflected in the refinement of his creations.

He blessed us with 40 years of glamorous footwear and killer designs. The man with the gift to make a woman feel comfortable and sexy through beautiful shoes that not only were utilitarian but a piece of art and an important element in fashion expression.

All hail the king!!!
David Evins....We salute you!

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