July 24, 2009

Our Ladies stay freshly dipped...

At FunkyFanny's, our ladies hold us down supertight and we've got loads of love for em..

We couldn't bring you the goodies day in and day out without the support of our Fanny's..

What's a Fanny u ask?

Ladies from all over the world who Rep,Rock,and Love FF!!

Fly Ladies,Freshly Dipped Ladies,Fierce Ladies,Fabulous Ladies and more..

We believe our customers are just as important as any celebrity who rocks our stuff and love to share how AMAZING they look while doin it..

This time it's Fave Fanny Ida Kay..Izziay Kizziay if ya nasty!

By day she's the Lifestyle Marketing & Product Placement Manager for DC Shoes and might we add,quite possibly the belle of every ball..
If there's a person to know in (insert random town)..Ida knows 'em..
She stays on her grind and Reps FF from the West Coast with occasional pop overs to the East for work & play..

On her last NYC visit she rocked a FF Paintsplash Jumpsuit to the Roots concert at the Highline Ballroom..The folks over at hotazzgritz snapped her up and of course she looked AMAZE!

Our lovely has headed back to the left coast but trust..She's reppin FF hard there too..

Thanks Idakins for your love & support..Keep keepin it fresh to def.. <3

pic courtesy of hotazzgritz.blogspot.com



So cute! I think I tried this on, but Ida, looks great in everything and anything! FF has the dopest shit! Thanks to Funky Fannys collection I'm gonna name my 1st baby Jumper or Romper? Hmm! Thoughts!

FunkyFanny's Vintage said...

thanks lady cubannie!maybe jumper! cuz then it'll have long legs and can chase mr.softee down the block ;-)

Hot Azz Gritz said...

I love this FUNKY FANNY!!! And I love your name....and Jumper sounds way more CELEB!