July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson..The style icon

Michael Jackson was legendary in many ways.
From his philanthropic work to his music,He was truly a force to be reckoned with.

His talent and style will forever be unrivaled, and his life in fashion has created trends that have rippled across the globe.

His unique and memorable ensembles were part in parcel of his extraordinary performances, and were in the spotlight for the span of nearly four decades.

From the 1970s in matching bell-bottomed suits and platforms, rockin the afros with his brothers, the 80s leather jackets, decorative zippers, black aviators, and sequined gloves, the 90s with a whole new look- glam military jackets, spats and armor

He's done it all. Here's our commemoration of a Fashion Legend.

A classic MJ pic- back in black!

In his later years, Michael pulled it together and brought back his black aviator look and tied it in with tailored jackets, satin tuxedo pants, and sequins galore!

The sequined glove made waves- he pulled it off with his larger than life finesse

Truly befitting of THE KING

Vintage Michael with schoolboy charm and the sweater to match

Rockin the bowtie embroidered look effortlessly

A throwback pic of him in a leisure kit being a sweet older bro

And of course, the classic 5 in their dancing suits and to the sky fro's

The infamous zippered red leather jacket- shaped the 80's cool look

And last but not least, here he is at the start of it all, in the essence of his lovable stardom.


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