June 23, 2010

Funky Fanny's Tip of the Day..Virtual Vintage 101

If you're anything like this Fanny
the thought of window shopping VIRTUALLY for Vintage clothing
makes you cringe in your Contempo Casuals leopard bustier!
*clutches pearls*

If you can't tell
I'm personally of the "reach out and touch somebody"
(or rather someTHING in this case)
school of thought.
By no means am I denouncing the thrills that can be found in the virtual shopping world...
Feisty Fanny isn't THAT antiquated after all..

Besides, too few of us have the luxury, time or patience
to actually scour through aisles and racks upon racks of clothes,
on the hunt for that perfect
unbelievably MAGICAL vintage find!
(Leave that business to us here at Funky Fanny's...
it's a dirty, dirty job but SOMEBODY'S gotta do it!)
I digress...

Onward to the task at hand...
Shopping for vintage online!
Here are a few helpful tips I've found make my online perusing less terrifying:
  • When dealing with a garment you can't physically feel or try on, your best ally is a keen attention to detail...mainly measurements.
  • Sites that provide the most detailed descriptions on a garment are your best bet
  • Measurements to pay special attention to:
  • Sizing charts have changed throughout the years. It's important to be aware and careful when dealing with the size listed on vintage items.
  • An Yves Saint Laurent dress circa the 1970's in a size 12 will be a smaller cut and fit than today's equivalent of the same size,some where near a modern 6/8 even! Blame it on vanity sizing or evolution, we're just built bigger nowadays!
  • A site worth its weight in vintage will provide a smorgasbord of images of their wears.
  • You want to ensure there are close up pictures of the item and shots from varying angles.
  • A clothing item on a human form helps to provide you with a visual on the fit and fall of a particular item,although not necessary,it sure does seem to help!
  • Take a peek in your closet. Whip out that trusty measuring tape, compare site measurements to some of your favorite pieces currently holding court a mere inches away from you. Chances are if you can get them to match up as close as possible...you've got yourself a winner doll!
  • Are you a trendy, of the moment kind of gal who knows what's hot and fills up her closet with copious amounts of the latest trends?
  • Or maybe you're that educated consumer who makes thoughtful purchases based on your current wardrobe and how well new items will work within it?
  •  And my personal favorite - the impulse buyer! Do you buy regardless of season, price or style simply because YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT?
  • Regardless of where you fall along this shopping spectrum, knowledge of self will take you a long way in your decision making process and will undoubtedly yield that perfect addition to your wardrobe.

I'm keeping my eyes peeled for more online shopping tips to share
But for now, keep using those fingers to virtual shop til' you drop!!!

Spunky Til I Die,

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