June 21, 2010

Vintage Trend: Color Block

Color Block, is a pattern that consists of two or more colors in geometric shapes. It's origins lie in 1960's London where mod fashion was all the rage amongst British youngsters.

The term 'Block' refers to various sized squares and rectangles that were used in original Color Block garments. Think of the building blocks you used in Kindergarten, I loved those!

One of the most recognized Color Block patterns is from a painting by abstract artist Piet Mondrian. Yves Saint Laurent used his creative brilliance to whirl it into fashion by putting this gorgeous painting on an elegant dress.

The 'Mondrian' shift was a part of YSL's famous Fall 1965 collection. Doesn't it remind you of a Rubix cube?

Since then Color Block has been a classic that returns to the spotlight every once in a while. Currently we are experiencing a revival in this trend but in a subtler way with simpler shapes and hues more vibrant than primary/pastel shades in the past.

Remember those Herve Leger dresses that were so popular in the late 00's? Yep, those were a rendition of Color Block.

Hmm what will the future bring in this colorful trend? I can't wait to see :)

xoxo Ferocious Fanny

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