June 5, 2009

Summer Heat

Speaking of our ladies lookin good, here's the latest from one of our fave Fanny's, Cubannie ! We luhhh her as much as we heart cafe con leche, and of course she just made us even more enamored with how good that FF watercolor jumpsuit looks on her! She'sa super cutie-patootie and she always reps us correct!  

This lookbook makes me think of walking around in the summer, fire hydrants busted, kids playing, cumbia blasting, and bodegas jumping. Ahh, I love summer!

And it's always great to see our peeps puttin each other on- bedazzled A-Morir  glasses are always droolworthy- I met Kerin back in my Missbehave days and she would always blow my mind with her feathered hats and amazing style, so anything she puts out is something to holler at! And gurrlll, this new lookbook is just making your entire summer kit so easy, because let's take a minute and enjoy the P.O.P summer tanks! Summertimez gwan send the boys in a frenzy cause there is just too much heat going around for the ladies! Jeez, our friends are so fly AND talented <333

Now someone go find me an arroz con leche popsicle and a fan!

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