June 8, 2009

Lita, Lita, Lita...

You know what's never going outta style? Being a fierce chick in a man's world, and kickin' booty while you're at it... And you know who's a studded beacon of being a gorgeous piece of cake with talent and swag to boot?!?!? LITA FORD.  Wasn't glamrock made for women anyways? Why do all the men get all the shine!?!? Lita is the illest, can we talk about her body? her motorcycle jacket for gadzooks?!? I mean, I can't even really handle her style without wiping drool up off my keyboard... I'm sure she's inspiring all you crafty ladies out there to pick up your old bedazzler and get to work on your summer sexy/ downtown-knockin-back-beers-with-the-dudes look.  


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