September 3, 2009

VOTE NOW!Teen Vogue/H& M Fresh Eye on Design Contest

So excited to share some news about one of our FavFanny's
Stephanie "Phafa" Roy.

We met Stephanie through ATWG's Radio Rose and she's been on hand at many FF events assisting with merchandising and all around awesomeness..

We adore her to pieces so we're SUPEREXCITED to announce that she's one of the Finalists in the
Teen Vogue & H&M: Fresh Eye on Design Contest

Her sketch is featured in the September issue of Teen Vogue
we'd love for everyone to support this future top designers drive and
journey to success by
voting for her sketch.

The top 3 finalists go to Teen Vogue's Fashion University in NYC.
The winner receives a chance of a lifetime to go to H&M headquarters in Sweden to meet with an H&M designer.

We want Stephanie to kick sum fashion tail so Vote Vote Vote!
You CAN vote more than once and sorry, T-Mobile users are denied voting access
Weird right?
but all other carriers have voting access.

Voting ends September 7th so HURRY HURRY!!
Text 5 to 886483

Let's give her an extra push to take home the crown.

Spread the word,Tell a friend and Thank you in advance!

Big Brooklyn Hugs
Your Favorite Vintage Wondergirl
The FunkyFanny

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