September 24, 2009

Takin' Names Thursdays!

It's ShineTime @ FunkyFanny's...Saluting our FavFanny's..They're kickin ass and takin names..Nuff Said.

Name: Keisha Omilana
Claim to Fame: Princess(Yep..She's married to a Prince!).. Philanthropist..Mommy..Model...Gorgeous..Sweet..Forget a Triple Threat..She's a Octagonal Threat!and we luv her like French Fries!

Find her here:

Name: Michelle Ten
Claim to Fame: Stylist..Fierce Handbag Carrier & Nail Rocker..Faboosh!..Native New Yorker..Ten's her real last name..100% Puerto Rican....Don't call her Melissa ;-)

Find her here:

Name: Monica Coleman
Claim to Fame: Public Relations..In the game for 8 years..Known for getting a client 25 press hits & 1.2 million impressions in 12 days..Loves to box..Has a mean right hand..NYC raised..ATL resider.

Find her here:

Follow them,Hire them,Show them luv..They represent the present and the future.

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