November 22, 2010

Long Live Grunge!!

Wow where do I begin?
I'll start off by saying Grunge is one of my favorite genres of all time!
It made a lasting impact on both my life and popular culture despite its super brief lifespan.
Bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Alice in Chains paved the way for modern alternative rock.

Born in Seattle Washington during the late 1980's, Grunge music is described as messy and un-refined with roots tracing back to punk and metal. It is comprised of distorted electric guitars, grumbling vocals, and lyrics that express a number of topics from Social rejection to Politics.

The simplicity of Grunge rock translated to clothing too. 
A stripped down anti-fashion attitude developed to coincide with the gritty sound which included untidy hair, flannel shirts, ill fitting jeans, baby doll dresses and anything else that could be found at thrift stores for cheap.

Ironically, this look hit mainstream and now Grunge is considered a fashion statement.
Famed designer Marc Jacobs brought it to the catwalk during the mid 1990's.

Mary-Kate Olsen is particularly known for resurrecting the grunge look with her own high fashion twist in 2006. Since then girls everywhere strive to create the perfect 'homeless chic' ensemble.

Despite it's current oversaturation, I will forever love grunge and what it stood for. 
Cheers to rebels of the underground!

xoxo, Ferocious Fanny.

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