August 13, 2010

FF in PAPER Magazine!

What a year it's been for The Fanny's!
We're grindin' hard to bring you the most delicious Vintage around..
and it's our pleasure!

 We're featured in the Summer 2010 issue of  Paper Magazine!
In what we'd like to call THE MOST AMAZING Soul Train homage EVER!

Vintage Tuxedo Jacket
Vintage Jumpsuit
Vintage Football Tee
Vintage Levi's Tie Dyed Bellbottoms
Vintage Leather Patchwork Skirt
Vintage Jumpsuit
Vintage Tuxedo Jacket
Vintage Ultrasuede Pants

Big Thanks to Paper and Zandile Blay for the love and Fav Fanny Ida Kay for the introduction.

Big Brooklyn Hugs..

The Vintage Wondergirl

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