December 13, 2009

Blue Jean Baby..

Denim is America’s most known contribution to fashion. It’s begi
nning can be routed to Levi Strauss in the early 1800’s. He changed the fashion game by creating a tough fabric that was durable for hard working labor jobs.

Altering the name from ‘overalls’ to ‘jeans’. The fabric called ‘jeans’ comes from the French word "genes" which is the name for blue denim fabric.

Different styles and variations of denim appear and reappear but never go out of style.
The 50’s introduced the world to 'rebel teens' in the famous movie 'Grease' like The Thunderbirds who wore denim jeans with their leather jackets.

The 70’s and 80’s introduced bell-bottoms,

Embroidery jeans for all the peace loving hippies,

Designer denim like Sergio Valente, Calvin Klein and Jordache jeans became mainstream during the later years.

The fashion world is always in a state of reinvention and alteration.
It's style has been around for a years, yet the blue jean will remain a classic piece of clothing for a timeless generation.

Peace/Love/Free Hugs

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