July 25, 2008

Get ya Queen Tut on...

Just finished watchin Wendy (if you gotta ask fuggetaboutit!!!)
..HOW U DOIN?!?!?! and this lady stands up to "Ask Wendy" her most valued question..She commences to going ON and ON and ON about makin more $$ than her hubby and how he's insecure bcuz of it ,and blah blah blah, THEN.... She (The Chatty Kathy) mumbles sumthin bout a "GOLD LEAF FACIAL"..WELL daaahhlings, my SpaJunkie ears perked RIGHT UP!!!...Here's the lowdown on this FABULICIOUS treatment...

The face is covered in a sheet of 24 carat gold, in the hopes that it will absorb some of the precious metal’s properties.

Japanese firm Umo, who created the treatment, claims that by laying gold leaf onto the face, consumers can benefit from natural skin rejuvenation, firmer skin and a reduction in wrinkles.The shining gold face mask also provides a bright complexion, according to the company.

Well,I'll be damned..All these years I've been headin over to Mario Badescu to get my facials on and I coulda been meltin down Doorknockers and slatherin em on?!?Okayyyyy!!!Maybe that is a WEE bit ghetto of me?!?!

What's your Favorite spa treatment?

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